A Highland Fairy Tale: “We Don’t Even Have to Try”

“It’s always a good time!”  And boy was it ever, but we’ll get to that later.

Our reception started off with the old grand march or announced entrance of the entire bridal party followed by Mr. Sword and myself.

The bridal party entered to the very contemporary and perhaps overplayed song “Good Time” by Owl City featuring Carly Rae Jepsen.  I bet I don’t even need to share a link to the song because it’s one of those that can consume your brain in seconds, but just in case, I will anyway.  You’re welcome.

Aaron, our DJ from Midwest Sound, instructed each couple to choose a quick dance move for their entrance mere seconds before we were all to enter.  Huddled in the hallway everyone came up with something awesome, that is except for the bride and groom.  Our entrance was super lame but that’s OK because people were still into us.  Guess that’s the perk of being the guest of honors!

First up, Wee Sis escorted by The Glue.

Coffield Wedding 0634

Coffield Wedding 0635

Next up, Jo escorted by J.  We only got the butt shot of them… niiiiice.

Coffield Wedding 0636

After that came L Dawg escorted by P.

Coffield Wedding 0637

Finally, our dynamic duo of Best Man S escorted by Sister/MOH Big Eyes.

Coffield Wedding 0640

Coffield Wedding 0642

Mr. Sword and I danced into “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness.  A bit unconventional yes, but super fun.

For some reason I wanted it to be a celebratory like dance with air pumping and high-fiving (not pictured) but it didn’t turn out the way I imagined in my head.  Crystal also told us to look at the camera after we entered, which is the explanation behind my awkward pose in the third pic and Mr. Sword’s lack of posing.  He dislikes being the center of attention.

Coffield Wedding 0643

Coffield Wedding 0644

Coffield Wedding 0645

See what I mean?

After entering we went straight to the cake and cut that thing up!  A shout-out goes to Best Man S for this song idea intended for the bridal party entrance which we used for cake cutting instead (or so I think, I don’t actually remember hearing it because everything was happening very fast).  “Life With You” by The Proclaimers.  The Proclaimers are a Scottish band; they had to make an appearance at our wedding for obvious reasons.  Such a good song.

There are no pictures of us feeding each other but it definitely happened.  And there was no cake smashing, chalk that up with bouquet and garter tosses next to Traditions I Don’t Want To See at My Wedding.

Coffield Wedding 0647

The next post will clear up why there is a huge screen in most of the entrance photos, all for a great reason I promise and it’s not what you’re thinking…

All photos by Crystal Liepa Photography.

Did you and your bridal party do a grand entrance?  What song will you choose for your entrance?  Did anyone else choose a cake cutting song that had nothing to do with sweetness or sugar (not that I don’t love all things sugar related)?

Sword Wedding footer FINAL.jpg

Skipped some of the Sword saga?  It’s OK, catch up today!

Teaser video!
Final preparations, snow, and tears!
Ladies’ Luncheon!
Elevators of anxiety!
Rehearsing and screaming!
Burgers and surprises!
Kisses at midnight!

The Big Day
Bacon for bridal baby!
Hair and makeup!
Men in kilts!
Tiara and bouquet!
Becoming a bride!
Champagne toasts!
First look!
Cold couple portraits!
The Swords with swords!
The men pose!
The women pose!
Altogether now!
Elevator madness!
Big reveal!
Family photos!
Posing with our flower girl!
True Scotsman indeed!

People processing!
Bridal cry/laugh walk!
Ceremony readings!
Vows and handfasting!
Receiving line!

Cocktail hour!
The pretty details!


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