A Highland Fairy Tale: We Fake Out Our Guests

From the second we got engaged I KNEW what our first dance song would be.  “Raise Your Glass” by Pink.  I know, I know, its super mainstream and popular and oh wait, it’s not a slow song!

Coffield Wedding 0700

That didn’t bother us in the slightest.  Instead of starting with Pink’s song, we would begin by slow dancing to another favorite song (“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri) for about 45 seconds before having the DJ cut off the music completely.  At which point we’d look around confused until he started playing “Raise Your Glass” and then of course we were gonna bust a move.  But how did Pink’s song become our song?  For that story we have to go back to when we first started dating.

Coffield Wedding 0707

At the beginning of our relationship Mr. Sword and I lived on separate sides of Chicago.  If you know Chicago you will understand that on a good day it took me 35 minutes to get there by car, and an hour on bad days, and since he didn’t have a vehicle Mr. Sword relied on the CTA which meant an hour and a half minimum.  Needless to say, we spent our entire weekends together, usually staying at his place in Wicker Park.  Unless one of us had a friend in town.

Coffield Wedding 0702

This particular weekend honor attendant and bestie H was in town to visit me.  This meant no crashing with Mr. Sword and to my then boyfriend this also meant going out drinking with his buddies til the wee hours of the morning.

Coffield Wedding 0711

Late that night after H and I were settled in and sleeping I got a call on my cell phone from Mr. Sword.  It was something like 3 AM and I felt bad that he had woken up H but she encouraged me to answer to make sure everything was OK.  Well he was drunk and told me he just wanted to leave me a message.  So after a quick goodnight I hung up and let him call back and then promptly fell back asleep.

Coffield Wedding 0716

Coffield Wedding 0719

I woke up the next morning and listened to his message but there was nothing there.  It sounded all muffled and weird.  I’m thinking, “what the hell is going on?”  This static noise goes on for a minute or so and then I hear “raise your glass” being whispered by Mr. Sword and then later I hear him say, “Oh Shit.”  It’s the part of “Raise Your Glass” where Pink says her glass is empty.  I finally realize what he was doing and I start laughing hysterically.  I explain to H that whenever we would go out together and Mr. Sword would come home too wired to sleep we would listen to music while laying in bed sharing one ear bud each.  Well, this time, Mr, Sword had drunkenly put the ear bud up to his cell phone in the hopes that I would be able to hear it and share a song with him before bed even though we weren’t in the same place.  Awww!

Coffield Wedding 0722

Too bad it didn’t work out that way!

"My glass is empty! That sucks."

“My glass is empty! That sucks.”

Now whenever H hears “Raise Your Glass” she thinks of us and that night and when I thought of dancing with my husband at our wedding I knew our favorite Pink song would be perfect!  Because, hey, we’re all wrong in the right ways sometimes.

Coffield Wedding 0723

Dirty little freaks.

Coffield Wedding 0715

We invited our bridal party to join us for the last chorus and it was such a rush to have them invade the dance floor.  I wish I could relive that moment over and over again!

Coffield Wedding 0725

Coffield Wedding 0727

Such a great way to start the party. Raise your glass!

All photos by Crystal Liepa Photography.

Is anyone else planning a more unique first dance, maybe a fake out, maybe choreographed?

Sword Wedding footer FINAL.jpg

Skipped some of the Sword saga?  It’s OK, catch up today!

Teaser video!
Final preparations, snow, and tears!
Ladies’ Luncheon!
Elevators of anxiety!
Rehearsing and screaming!
Burgers and surprises!
Kisses at midnight!

The Big Day
Bacon for bridal baby!
Hair and makeup!
Men in kilts!
Tiara and bouquet!
Becoming a bride!
Champagne toasts!
First look!
Cold couple portraits!
The Swords with swords!
The men pose!
The women pose!
Altogether now!
Elevator madness!
Big reveal!
Family photos!
Posing with our flower girl!
True Scotsman indeed!

People processing!
Bridal cry/laugh walk!
Ceremony readings!
Vows and handfasting!
Receiving line!

Cocktail hour!
The pretty details!
Grand entrances!
We get roasted!
Parent dances!

Showered in Chicago

As you can probably guess from the title of my post, I had my Chicago shower this past weekend.  Although I mean it both figuratively and literally, because we had a whole day of rains showers to match my event!  It was a wonderful afternoon and I’m so grateful to all of the beautiful ladies who came to celebrate with me!

LLLL Shower Weekend 098

When I first got engaged early last year Boss Lady told me she wanted to throw me a LLLL shower here in Chicago for all my Chicago peeps, and I was so touched!  I know bridal showers are a bonus as not everyone gets one, and I was thrilled when she made the generous offer.

Boss Lady is also Mom to my flower girl Littlest C.  Littlest C was so adorable at the shower, I heard she helped set up, I saw her greet and talk to guests, and when she wasn’t bonding with Sister/MOH Big Eyes she was being the cutest, most adorable and mature 6-year-old ever!

Miss Sword, Littlest C, and Boss Lady

Miss Sword, Littlest C, and Boss Lady

The LLLL stands for Ladies Linen and Lingerie Luncheon.  Like the name implies you aren’t limited to buying off registry because sexy late night outfits and panties are encouraged as well!  I received lots of beautiful and clever gifts, and some awesome pieces of lingerie.  I think the raciest one was given to me by my mother!  AWKWARD.

LLLL Shower Weekend 096

Boss Lady had the luncheon catered and the food was amazing!

LLLL Shower Weekend 053

Boss Lady decorated the space with gorgeous purple and white flowers, and made the sweetest treat bags for everyone.  They included a nail polish from Victoria’s Secret, scented drawer fresheners, and adorable hankies.  All in different colors.  So clever!

LLLL Shower Weekend 113

She really put together a classy event and I’m so lucky so many of my friends could make it.  Mom Sword and Sister Big Eyes were also in attendance having flown in from MN for the weekend.

This was taken at my church the morning of the shower, apparently it's the only pic I have of the three of us!

This was taken at my church the morning of the shower, apparently it’s the only pic I have of the three of us!

NOW LET’S TALK ABOUT CAKE.  I have to give a shout-out to my friends S and A for bringing the most amazing cake I’ve ever seen!!!

S and A are the sisters on the left.

S and A are the sisters on the left.  Can’t you tell?

Isn’t this thing adorable???  It’s got a tartan sash and a little sword.  I mean, COME ON.  I’m in love.

LLLL Shower Weekend 038


The tartan sash definitely looked more purple in person than it showed in photos!

LLLL Shower Weekend 102

Another shout-out goes to my girl M for coming up with the most unique shower game I’ve ever played!


She actually printed out status’ from Facebook and had everyone guess if Mr. Sword or myself had written them.  Hilarious, smart, and perfect for our social media crazed era!  Of course most of the longer posts belonged to yours truly, but I think I was the only person who got 100%, go figure!  🙂

Mr. Sword showed up at the end of the shower so he could carry gifts to the car and help me thank everyone for coming.  I mean, most of the lingerie is a present for him anyway, right!?!

LLLL Shower Weekend 114

Finally my favorite photos have to be from my sneaky Sister Big Eyes.  She was in charge of taking pictures during the shower and she decided to surprise me with an abundance of my famous “Miss Sword” poses using her own mug.  I definitely laughed out loud when I saw them on my camera later that night!   🙂

melissa collage

Did you just have a bridal shower?  Has anyone played the Facebook status game before?  Isn’t the cake just perfect??

Charts and Graphs by Mr. Sword

Since Mr. Sword is too scared busy to write a guest post, I am sharing this post on his behalf, but all of the information gathering and graph making done in preparation for said blog post is courtesy of the ever-cute, ever-Scottish, and ever-skinny Mr. Sword.

Mr Sword edited

Awww! Isn’t he adorable in his kilt jacket?

I know everyone loves to see a good breakdown of the guest list and how many people are attending or not attending, and I’m no different.  Except instead of just breaking it down by family and friends of the bride or the groom, I think, especially in our case, it’s equally if not more interesting to look at the breakdown by in state, out of state, and out of country.

Our total number of attendees is officially 122 people not including Mr. and Miss Sword.  We had invited 187 (yes that number went up by one from my last post) guests but this includes children, partners, and plus ones.  Like I said before when I talked about the beauty of online RSVP’ing, sometimes it makes more sense to look at households or invitations that were sent out instead of counting each person.

For the sake of these charts and graphs, we will be counting and including each individual person.  It makes the most sense because, for example, a family of five might only have two people attending so we wouldn’t know whether they counted as a yes or a no.

For future reference: in state = Minnesota, out of state = any state other than Minnesota, out of country = mostly Scotland with one invite going to Canada, one going to England, and one to New Zealand.

Wedding color motif per request of Miss Sword.  🙂

Attending by Location 2

Guests By Location 2

Something I noticed right away was that we actually have more people attending from out of state than in state, but we also invited more out of state folks.  And something that is not clear from this chart is that we only have one family not attending who live in Minnesota, the other three not attending are plus ones that aren’t being used.

Now, for the breakdown of who invited who.  I was hesitant to post these charts because my number is significantly higher than his, but that is mostly because we are getting married in my home country and because Mr. Sword’s family is rather small.

Even though quite a few people from Scotland had to decline, I’m still eternally humbled and happy that Mr. Sword has such great family and friends who are willing to make the long and expensive trip to be with us on our wedding day.  Words cannot express my thankfulness.  This wedding will truly be a mix of BOTH of our favorite people.  We are blessed.

Guests Invited by Total 2

Guests Invited by Attending 2

The most interesting thing to me about these charts is the fact that Mr. Sword does not use a period when he writes Mr. Sword (like I do and just did, twice).  It’s a simple difference based on whether or not you’re using American or British usage, but it’s funny the things you learn about the person you love after years of being together.

I feel bad closing this blog post without a few words from Mr. Sword so I’ve taken the liberty to write out what I’m guessing he would have wanted to share with all of you.

Cheers* mate!  It’s baltic outside right now!  I’m well chuffed to be guest blogging today for my lovely fiancée Miss Sword.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the charts and graphs I was forced asked to make.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty knackered from all my traveling and I have to fill up my car with petrol and load the boot.  Thanks for having me on Weddingbee, Aye!  xx

Translation:  (And yes I know I put in some random crap he would never say on here but it makes me laugh.)

Hey friend!  It’s freezing outside right now!  I’m very happy to be guest blogging today for my sexy fiancée Miss Sword.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the charts and graphs I was begged asked to make (because she had no clue how to make them).  Unfortunately, I’m really tired from all of my traveling and I have to fill up the car with gas and load the trunk.  Thanks for having me on Weddingbee, yea!  hugshugs

(all photos personal and created by Mr. Sword)

*Before someone from the UK corrects me, yes I know the word “cheers” is normally used as a goodbye or a thank you but I looked it up, it can be a greeting or a hello as well!

Did you or will you have a higher percentage of in state guests attend your wedding vs out of state or out of country guests?  Are you pumped for having all of your favorite people in one room like we are?  Didn’t Mr. Sword write a sweet blog post?  🙂

Wedding Shoe Reveal!

My custom designed shoes arrived in Chicago early last week and frankly the welcome party is still raging on… I kid of course, but they are gorgeous.  They might not be the wedding shoe for everyone but to me they are beautiful and perfect for an adult princess or a Cinderella wannabe (as opposed to a small child).  And most importantly, they fit.  (phew.)

I used the Etsy shop Design Your Pedestal and I can’t speak more highly of its owner Kate.  Not only did she work with me to help create my dream shoes but she also extended her Black Friday discount so I didn’t have to rush any decisions.  And it was HER idea to incorporate our family tartan.  🙂

My initial thought was to have her make square brooches out of our family tartan to used as shoe clips, but she wasn’t happy with how they turned out so sent me another idea where the fabric was made into a ruffle and highlighted with a sparkly brooch.  Well, I loved it.

And with that I’ll leave you with some photos.  The pictures don’t do really do the shoes justice but I can’t bear to keep them a secret!  And it only makes sense to share them since you’ve all been on this shoe journey with me from the beginning!  Enjoy…

Wedding stuff and Museum Jan. 2013 027

Wedding stuff and Museum Jan. 2013 030 Wedding stuff and Museum Jan. 2013 035

Wedding stuff and Museum Jan. 2013 038

Wedding stuff and Museum Jan. 2013 031

Wedding stuff and Museum Jan. 2013 042

(all photos personal, my apologies for the dirty floor)

Would you ever consider getting custom-designed shoes?  My shoes were 200 dollars with the discount.  But there’s not another pair like them in the world!  🙂

Black Friday Wedding Day Jewelry

I am so happy to report that I have found my bridal earrings and THREE options for bridal bracelets!  And you’re not gonna believe the deal I got on them!

To back track a bit, Mr. Sword and I spent the entire Thanksgiving holiday weekend alone, just the two of us, making a turkey and a few side dishes, assembling and addressing our wedding invites, decorating our apartment for Christmas, and basically just relaxing together (before he had to leave again for workshops in England-boo!!).  It was the perfect long weekend that also included the terror that is Black Friday Shopping.

Yes, I know, excessive consumerism =  bad, and Black Friday can be a waste of time, and a bit crazy.  But guess what?  I actually enjoy shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’ve been doing it with the women in my family since I was little and it gives me sweet memories of all us out shopping in Fargo, ND.  Sigh.  Or maybe it’s the awesome deals?  Because deals = good.  And I love buying anything 50-60 percent off! Or more!

Since I couldn’t find another more shopping-inclined friend to go with me on Black Friday, the always awesome and easy-going Mr. Sword accompanied me instead.  And he gets a shout-out for being the BEST GUY EVER and keeping up with me all day.  He says it gets a bit boring at times, but he was really helpful in spite of that and since we both got new winter coats this year, originally 300 dollars and we both got ours for around 100, I know it wasn’t the worst experience of his life.

Now to the good stuff: I purchased two pairs of earrings (because they were so cheap and they say it’s good to have back-up) for 8 dollars a piece!  Regularly 20 dollars.  Seriously 8 dollars for my wedding day earrings!  I couldn’t believe it!  I actually first saw this style of earring a while back on a pair of clip ons and promptly fell in love.  Since then, I’ve searched for them as regular earrings in every department store I pass.  Who would have thought the first stop on our Black Friday morning was where we’d find them?

Jewelry- Wedding 005

Jewelry- Wedding 001

I also found three bracelets at three separate stores that range in price from 7 dollars to a whopping 13.40.  I mean, COME ON.  I might keep all of them!  Again, back-ups (and options) are key.  I like each one for different reasons!

Jewelry- Wedding 007

Jewelry- Wedding 009

Finally, I’m still undecided on whether or not I need a necklace.  Because now I have a tiara, sparkly earrings, and a bracelet, do I really need a 4th piece?  I don’t want to be excessively bling-y or sparkle-y…right?

Jewelry- Wedding 010

(all photos personal)

What do you all think?  Any preference on the bracelets?  I’m going to try everything with my dress at my first fitting in a few weeks.


Ending my Hen Do!

I’ve decided there’s no better time to post a picture of myself eating a penis cookie than during Thanksgiving week when most of you are out spending time with your families, cooking, traveling, and overall just enjoying the holiday.  Win win.

I am one classy broad

Yep, those chocolate sprinkles definitely represent what you think they represent.  MOH Big Eyes left no stone un-turned.  She also made rice crispy penis treats too, but they were a bit too hard.  That’s what no woman said, ever.  (Wow, I’m on fire.)

Hive, please excuse my crass and photo-heavy post.  I’m in quite the bad mood and need a break from life.

Mr. Sword just arrived back from his Stag Do in Scotland on Monday night (updates on that to follow next week!), only to find out he has to fly BACK to the UK this coming weekend.  He’s needed in England for a few workshops, and I’m stuck here moaning about it.  I take that back, I’m actually attempting to be the strong one, but my definition of being the “strong one” is taking a break from whining every ten minutes or so.  WOE IS ME!!!  🙂

Poor Mr. Sword has to switch back to their 6 hour ahead time zone and travel all night on a plane before being expected to be awake and alert for a new job on Monday morning.  Then after the week of workshops in England, his team starts their real work in Kansas City which means we begin our semi LDR relationship.  You’ll remember I’ve already complained about that here.

Before I leave you with all the photos, let me say a few things: I searched EVERYWHERE for the perfect little white dress, and found one at Charlotte Russe for 15 dollars exactly one week before the big day.  It was very Mr. Sword approved and very under budget!

The pictures may lead you to believe otherwise but I only had about 3 drinks all night.  I swear.

Dancing the night away as a hen/bachelorette was pretty amazing!  I loved telling everyone, “I’m getting married!” and blowing my penis whistle.

Below are my memories.  Enjoy.

Wedding Trivia Pictionary

food and spectators

Stuffing my dress with the best favors EVER

Ready to go out and looking a bit nakey

riding the CTA in style

my stunning sister

umm yea…

H Bomb is the best dancer in the world

busting moves, like I do

We tried to get photos with the guys that congratulated me… most of them thought it was my birthday. Weird.

pretty ladies

I love this set of sisters!

the bouncer let me hold his bad-ass flashlight

end of the night shenanigans

the party didn’t stop when we got home

welp, this is what I looked like the next morning

Now that I’ve plastered obscene and embarrassing photos of myself online, I’m gonna go punch myself in the face and pray I never need another job interview, EVER.  Just kidding, I promised I’d share everything on the blog, and I couldn’t leave this stuff out.  Hope you had a few laughs!  I know I did.

OH, and Happy Turkey Day Friends!


Miss Sword

Hen Do(s) and Don’ts

That’s right hive!  I had my very kick-ass day of fun bachelorette party this past weekend (and to be honest I’m still trying to recover)!

OH MY WORD MOH Big Eyes blew me away with an amazing day that was equal parts girly, sexy, naughty, and fun!  Not even lying, I’m pretty sure I heard the words, “this is the best bachelorette party ever and by the looks of it everyone had a total blast.

Sister Big Eyes is a teacher and came prepared with a lesson plan of sorts, and because of her easy to use Google RSVP document, everyone was able to respond “yes” or “no” to each event and stop in when they could throughout the day.  There were various activities to take part in around the city until the evening when we ended the day at my apartment with games, gifts, and treats before going out dancing.

Note her princess folder for this princess-inspired affair. So organized!

Instead of doing a lengthy recap of the day, I’m going to break it down by giving you some Hen DO’s and Hen Don’ts!! (Hen Do is the UK term for bachelorette party in case I haven’t made that clear yet.)


DO buy cute princess headbands from an Etsy shop to represent each lady of your amazing bridal party (which for me includes bridesmaids, honor attendants, a flower girl, girl cousin usher, and girl cousin who is carrying our remembrance flowers).  We forgot to get a photo of all 10 of them, but hopefully you can tell which princesses are represented in this picture below.  I was so impressed with MOH Big Eye’s creativity and I got even more excited when she said she plans for us to wear them again at the rehearsal dinner and other pre-wedding related activities.  I’m seriously in love with them and think they’re a subtle yet touching way to highlight the bridal party.

BM L Dawg (Snow White), Miss Sword (Cinderella), MOH Big Eyes (Belle)


DON’T start your day with anything but pampering!  I think I’ve mentioned before how I live for manicures and pedicures, but loathe getting my hair cut?  Well, MOH Big Eyes knows this and that’s why we started the day getting our nails done.  I have to give a shout out to Juko for living up to their awesome reviews and treating us all like rock stars.

Miss Sword’s mani


DO enjoy a lovely brunch and ignore rude waiters who fail to listen to you and provide less than adequate service even though it’s your party day.


DON’T forget to stop and take LOTS OF PICTURES!


DO pretend to like the makeup that the artist puts on you at Nordstrom because she really likes it, and she really wants you to like it too.  Also ask your friend to not be offended when she tells said friend that she needs to be the Kelly to your Beyoncé because it’s your bachelorette night.  Wow.


DON’T fight with your little sister, no matter how annoying she may be.

Look at those BIG EYES!

Just kidding!  We had a perfect day together.

I highly recommend doing a pre-planned day of events for your party if you A) have a lot of friends from different groups/cities/walks of life that you want to invite, and B) if you know you have a core group that will be able to be there for everything (which I did, thank you MN girls, H Bomb, and C Fri who was there in spirit due to flight complications!).

Next up, party games, penis paraphernalia, and dancing the night away!

Did you do a day-long bachelorette extravaganza?  Anyone else celebrate in Chi-town?  What do you think of the headbands?

Secret Life of Bees: Sword Edition

I love this series!  It’s so fun to learn more about each Bee’s life outside of wedding planning.  🙂

As I started thinking about this series I began to curse myself for being such an open book.  Don’t I over-share already?  Won’t everyone know this or that by now?  Of course that’s a silly way to think, because there’s always more to share!

And then I stumbled on the real reason I don’t have many secrets: I’M LAME.  I don’t have a tattoo, a strange addiction, or a unique talent, or a weird family situation, but luckily I’m a trooper and I was able to scrounge up three embarrassing tidbits to share with the Hive.  You’re welcome.

1. I have “chronic bitch attitude” when I walk down the street alone.  It’s a bit like chronic bitch face, and please reference the ever-hilarious Mrs. Unicycle for her take on chronic bitch face.  Have I said chronic bitch enough times yet?  Geez.

The thing is when I’m walking with Mr. Sword, my nanny kiddos, or a couple of girlfriends, I’m one happy gal.  I’m friendly and I smile;  But for some reason when I walk alone I encompass this rude big city ‘tude and I’m kind of unpleasant.

To make matters worse, I walk around Chicago daily.  I mean, I do a lot of walking.  And because I walk by a ton of people, I end up getting hit on a decent amount.  It’s bizarre but true, I still get hollered at despite looking like I’m walking around with a stick up my ass.  Instead of feeling complimented (like I am when I’m not alone) I usually make the “Eww” face and continue on my way with a shudder.  HOW DARE THEY HIT ON ME!?!?!

If people try to ask me for directions (a bad idea in the first since I barely know where I’m going half the time) I am really hesitant and unsure.  Who are you?  Why are you talking to me?

I’m also really bad at making small talk in general but I’m especially bad at it on long elevator rides.  I would never intentionally talk about something as boring as the weather, so if I bring it up you know I’m desperate.

Social skills FAIL.

2. I have a small obsession with the Amish Culture.  When I say small, I really mean, huge.  First off, I’ve read about ten books by New York Times Bestseller, Beverly Lewis, author of Amish novels inspired by her experience growing up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Lewis writes these dramatic and spiritual books about her mother’s Plain heritage and I literally can’t put them down!  She writes about their struggles in such a personal way, and to be honest, I find a forbidden Amish love story to be way more intriguing than any vampire, zombie, or werewolf version of the same.

I haven’t read any of her books in a while (been planning a wedding yo), but recently my favorite TV channel, TLC, premiered a new show, Breaking Amish,  and it’s rocked my world every Sunday for the past few weeks.

image via TLC

Now I know there are some rumors floating around about the show, and I understand that reality TV is often times scripted, but watching their stories unfold and hearing about their life growing up in the Amish community is really interesting to me.

I’ve always been fascinated with history and learning about other cultures.  And for the record, just because I’m intrigued by different lifestyles doesn’t mean I’m agreeing with them.  I do think we can all be respectful of each other’s differences, and educate ourselves to be less ignorant.  When you know more about where someone comes from, it’s harder to judge them.

3. My friends and I always have the most INAPPROPRIATE nicknames for each other.  Like, it’s bad, super embarrassing, and I can’t believe I’m sharing this with the world.

High School: DGLB’s (Damn Good Looking Babes)  While DGLB didn’t stick around after leaving high school, a few of our individual nicknames DID stick.  See, we made these names for each other and it’s still fun to use them to this day.  In the picture below, the friend on the left is Crabby and the friend on the right is Fatty.  (My name is long forgotten although I’m pretty sure it was equally as disturbing.)  And yes, we know Fatty isn’t fat.  That’s why it’s funny.  (Please don’t send me hate mail.  We were all stupid when we were younger.)

These two girls were my best friends from middle school to high school and we’re still friends now.  We’ve been though so much together, and I love them to the death.  This is the three of us in LA and that’s me in the middle with a spray tan.

Crabby, Miss Sword, Fatty

College: STD’s

Clearly this name gets us a lot of attention and not the good kind.  But it doesn’t mean what you think it means.  It was actually a group of girlfriends that I met through my campus ministry.  See, Christians can have fun too!  STD is merely an acronym for “Stomach Touching Damsels,” because we all used to touch tummies like Karen and Jack on the hit show, Will and Grace.  Does anyone remember that episode??

While we never touch tummies anymore (thankfully), we still use the STD name quite often when referring to the group.  So much so that when I was emailing H Bomb about my Save the Dates for the wedding she thought I was referring to our group of friends.  Oops.

In a large group of girlfriends (I doubt men do this!), it’s always easier to have a group name instead of saying everyone’s individual name each time you are referring to the same group of people.

And it doesn’t seem weird to us anymore, I swear!  The STD’s were such an important part of my early 20’s (that sounds weird), and the friendships I made in college helped shape the woman I am today. AWW.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of STD’s and it’s proving too difficult to find a semi-recent, good quality (not embarrassing) photo.  So instead I leave with you with me and H Bomb.  She’s one of my besties and you’ll see her face around Weddingbee in the future as she’s also one of my honor attendants in the wedding!

Post-College: Sister Wives

I (we) named us after the TLC show Sister Wives because we used to get together to watch every episode as sort of a weekly Sunday night treat.  I know what you’re thinking, polygamy!?!  Again, I can explain!

The concept of women helping each other care for each other’s families and be supportive fans of each other’s lives is the concept that I enjoy from that show. Thus, Sister Wives is a pretty decent name for a group of friends that care about and support each other.  And NO, none of us share men.  That would be weird.  It’s just a funny name!  (Note: Please see my paragraph on respecting the Amish before saying anything bad about the Fundamentalist Mormons.)

It’s hard to get all of us in one photo, but here are most of S Wives in two photos!  These girls and I have navigated this city together for many holidays, birthdays, girls nights, engagements, and four weddings by the time March rolls around! It’s been a blast.

At church

Out in Chicago

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

So, there ya have it.  A  few of my secrets.  Does anyone else walk with an attitude, have a love of the Amish, or weird nicknames with their friends?  Do share!