Swords of the Caribbean: I hate packing, yes I do, I hate packing, how ’bout you?

This is a beast of a post but it’s informative and detailed and well, some of you asked for this so I hope you like it! ¬†ūüôā

Packing is the devil. ¬†It causes me the most terrible anxiety that falls somewhere in between being a car with someone who looks like they are about to puke (high anxiety) and waiting for the bus at night (low anxiety). ¬†I’m going to share the details of what I packed for our ten-day honeymoon, explaining what we used and what I didn’t use. ¬†AND OF COURSE, I will tell you ALL ABOUT THE DRESSES! ¬†ūüôā


Sunscreen- Like I said in my first honeymoon post, we bought seven bottles and used every last drop in all of them!  We almost had to buy more but the resort prices made us ration our supply and the last few days we used less and less.

Bug spray- We brought two bottles, came back with plenty left but were so relieved to have had some because the bugs got really bad at night, especially on days where it had rained.  And we still ended up with quite a few bites despite the spray!

Swimsuits- I brought five bikinis and one tankini (for the excursion day) for our ten-day trip and I wore them all multiple times!! ¬†My tip would be to bring as many suits as half the days in your trip. Example, 8 day vacation = 4 swimsuits. ¬†That way, you can change suits based on pool, hot tub, and ocean, and you’ll always have something dry to wear!

Mr.Sword took this pic of my pale body trying to catch some rays.

Mr.Sword took this pic of my pale body trying to catch some rays.

Mr. Sword (under my tutelage) brought four pairs of trunks and it was a good thing too because one of his got ruined in the hot tub after a cleaning where they used some type of chemical that wasn’t all dissolved apparently! ¬†Mr. Sword is a minimalistic packer and I think he was shocked to realize he needed so many, but his trunks could double as shorts so he was able to wear them everywhere!

Cover-ups- ¬†I brought four but I suggest bringing more than I did! ¬†One of the strings ripped off my white one the first time I wore it which meant I was down to three until I bought a gorgeous wrap at the gift shop. ¬†I was actually looking to buy a wrap in Chicago before we left but there weren’t many options. ¬†I’m glad I waited because I love that my wrap so much and it will remind me of our Jamaican honeymoon every time I wear it!


Cover-ups are crucial because they go on and off easier than dresses, they are more inexpensive so you don’t mind getting sand and ocean water on them, and they are extremely light-weight, and not confining at all. I probably wore a cover-up to almost every breakfast and lunch while on the resort.

Shoes- 4 pairs of flip-flops, two cheapo pairs, one nicer neutral pair, and one black wedge pair.  One pair of nude heels that matched almost all my dresses!  One pair of neutral strappy sandals.  One pair of boat shoes/loafer-type things for the days we traveled.  Mr. Sword brought one pair of flip-flops (and wore them constantly), his everyday shoes, and his dress shoes for our fancy dinner.

Water Shoes- Yes, they get their own section because Mr. Sword told me we shouldn’t bother with them but I bought us each a pair anyway (from Target) and we were lucky we had them because to walk up the Dunn River Falls you must have water shoes which means we would have had to buy or rent some while there.

Dresses-¬†I brought ten dresses and wore nine of them plus one I bought while I was at the resort. ¬†I wore a different dress every evening and sometimes two in one day! ¬†And I’m pretty sure I only wore one of my dresses more than once. ¬†Overall, I was VERY pleased with my dress selections and since so many of you asked about them I am going to do my best to give as much information as possible and provide links that may or may not take you to the exact dress.

You’ll soon find out my secret shopping spots are TJ Maxx and Marshalls. ¬†They sort of blend together in my head so excuse me for lumping them together. ¬†Unfortunately they have a quick turnover of merchandise so my guess is most of these dresses won’t be available anymore, but it might be worth a shot!

First up a chambray shirt dress from Old Navy. ¬†Perfect for throwing over a swimsuit and wearing to the spa although I’m wearing it to a restaurant in this photo.


honeymoon dresses ONE

(Going left to right.)

Long gray dress.  Perfect for our comfy casual first night in Negril.  TJ Maxx/Marshalls.

Coral striped dress with matching cardigan. ¬†Worn for a dinner date. ¬†Loft. ¬†(You’ll see this dress was bought for a different event and worn again on the honeymoon once I start my wedding recaps.)

Spaghetti-strap swimsuit material dress.  Perfect for wearing during the day because it can get wet and dry quickly.  Tommy Bahama.  NOTE: Everything in Tommy Bahama is made for a beach vacation and if I had unlimited funds I would have bought everything in the store!

honeymoon dresses TWO

Navy halter dress. ¬†A bit on the shorter side so it’s best for a really hot day. ¬†Pitya. ¬†(A few years ago.)

Modest white dress originally purchased for my bridal shower in MN.  Great for photos on the beach.   White House Black Market.  Not available anymore but any white dress for a beach vacation is a must-have!

Bright tropical cotton dress.  Perfect for lunch in the sand.  No clue where I bought it but my first two guesses are TJ Maxx and Marshalls!

honeymood dresses THREE

Sexy low-cut bright blue dress.  Worn to a fancy dinner.  TJ Maxx/Marshalls.

The most asked about dress I wore… a coral top with linen bottom. ¬†Great for daytime and evening (if only it didn’t wrinkle so much)! ¬†And big surprise here, TJ Maxx/Marshalls for the win! ¬†I got it a few months ago. ¬†The brand isn’t a name I recognize but maybe it’s still around somewhere??

Jamaican colors dress.  Casual and cool, I bought this from the gift shop at Sandals as a souvenir and I love it!

And finally, my favorite dress of the whole trip and the one I wore to our private candlelight dinner on the beach:


Maxi dress with stripes on top and floral print on the bottom. ¬†This dress is from a store called 2b and I couldn’t find the exact version but here is something similar.


Tennis shoes-  Umm, hiking much on the beach?  Noobs.  We thought we would need walking shoes but they were unnecessary at our resort.

A floppy hat- Wore it once but it was too windy and it kept falling off.  Plus, I felt dumb and no one else was wearing one.  I guess I will forever not be a hat person.  Mr. Sword on the other hand bought a Usain Bolt ball cap the first day we were there and wore it the entire rest of the trip!

A purse/satchel I bought this beautiful Coach satchel to carry around my personal stuff in but never used it, NOT ONCE. ¬†Luckily, it’s great for everyday life so I’m going to hang on to it, but don’t be stupid like me! ¬†You will never carry a purse. ¬†Your hotel room is so close and your husband will have pockets for your camera (and you shouldn’t be bringing your phone anyway!). ¬†For carrying things to the beach, we used an inexpensive thin backpack thingy.

Shorts- As a girly girl and a Northerner with limited hot weather supply, I couldn’t get enough of my dresses! ¬†I tried to wear my shorts one day but they felt way too tight so I immediately took them off. ¬†I did however, wear a skirt one afternoon.

Cash- Obviously you need some cash on you but don’t bring as much as you would normally take on a vacation. ¬†At a Sandals resort everything is charged to a credit card and all you need to know is your room number. ¬†We ended up paying cash for the photos we bought but they prefer you charge everything. ¬†I feel like I can control cash better but it’s nice to know that in the future we don’t have to fly with hundreds of dollars like we did this time!

PHEW! ¬†I’m exhausted. ¬†Does anyone have any additional packing tips or ideas? ¬†What item did you lug around but never use on your honeymoon?

(all photos personal)

Hive, I’m so PUMPED to start my wedding recaps but am still waiting on all of my photographs. ¬†That said, I’m hoping to be back in a few weeks (or less)! ¬†Until then, happy wedding planning! ¬†Bee.back.soon.


Mrs. Sword

Swords of the Caribbean: The “To Do” List

Yesterday I shared my “avoid” list¬†and today it’s time for the equally ¬†exciting sequel! ¬†These are the Sword¬†recommendations¬†for getting the most out of your amazing beach vacation.


Do get up early to reserve chairs. ¬†The simple truth is there are more people than there are prime lounging locations and to get a spot near the beach under a little canopy or right next to a pool you gotta wake up early. ¬†Mr. Sword and I quickly learned that 7 AM wasn’t early enough so we set our alarms for 5:30 AM (punch me in the face) and took turns going to reserve our spots.

We gave up on trying to save towels and used my flip flops and a pink t-shirt instead.

We gave up on trying to save towels and used my flip-flops and a pink t-shirt instead.

Most mornings we were able to go back to sleep for a bit but some days we took a lazy nap around 1 PM.  Naps are fun in Jamaica, not so much in real life.  Mrs. Mink touched on this in her post about Jamaica too which I read luckily read before we went, so thanks for the tip Mink!

A view of the seating area by the beach and a squinty Mr. Sword.

A view of the seating area by the beach and a squinty Mr. Sword.

Do get a couple’s massage. ¬†Because why the hell not? ¬†Mr. Sword is the type of guy who LOVES massages but who refuses to let his wife massage him. ¬†Why you ask? ¬†He thinks I’m just roughly poking him and I think he just can’t handle my awesomeness. ¬†So we leave it to the professionals, and it’s sexy. ¬†The robes, the nudity, the side by side breathing, the low-lighting and sweet-smelling room, it’s all gooood. ¬†And if there is a spa on your resort you should really check it out! ¬†I also did a seaweed wrap because we had a credit to the spa leftover from our package which was fun but slightly less so because I wasn’t with my man (awww I know, so cute you wanna puke).

Posing near the beautiful fountain outside Red Lane Spa.

Posing near the beautiful fountain outside Red Lane Spa.

Do get a room facing the ocean. ¬†I’m so happy Mr. Sword splurged on the ocean side view room (and concierge services for that matter) because I can’t imagine going all the way to Jamaica and staring at a building or your typical garden all week. ¬†We were on the second floor and used our balcony often but probably could have enjoyed it even more!

I feel like I have a slight tan in this picture.  Success!

I feel like I have a slight tan in this picture. Success!

The best part was having a few private breakfasts on the balcony while still being outside and staring at the beautiful Jamaican beach.

I took all inclusive to mean order enough for three people at each sitting because there's no immediate bill!

I took all-inclusive to mean order enough for three people at each sitting because there’s no immediate bill!

Do try to wear lingerie as much as possible. ¬†And no, I don’t have photos of this part you freaks! ¬†ūüôā ¬†Sorry if this is TMI but I think I might have brought more lingerie than swimsuits and my reasoning was this, 1) ¬†I had just received a ton of it as gifts so most items were new and never before seen by Mr. Sword and 2) I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of opportunity for sexy beach vacations like this in the future and I wanted to make it special. ¬†It was our honeymoon after all!

Do go for the concierge package.  From the minute you arrive you get whisked away to a special air-conditioned room for check-in that is only for concierge guests.  They book all of your reservations for you, including dinner, spa, and any excursions you want to plan.  But my favorite perks have to be the free mini bar complete with water bottles, pop, wine, beer, and hard liquor, and the complimentary robes in our room.

Comfy Swords relaxing.

Comfy Swords relaxing.

Do have one special and private candlelit dinner on the beach if the budget allows. ¬†This was an evening I’ll never forget. ¬†The food was amazing, the woman serving us was adorable and kind, and I was alone with my love on the beach in Negril. ¬†We reminisced about our trip, our amazing wedding, and dreamed about our future. ¬†Mr. Sword being the smart guy he is had us book our special dinner for TWO nights before we left so we didn’t have to spend our last night packing after our romantic meal. ¬†Such a good call!

Part of the package included a bottle of champagne and a rose for the lady!

Part of the package included a bottle of champagne and a rose for the lady!

Do explore the freebies. ¬†We took a boat ride in the glass bottom boat to view some fish and coral, we ¬†took the two-person kayak out and tried our hand at the water trike (which was super lame btw). ¬†We were going to go snorkeling which was included as well but Mr. Sword ended up with too much water in his ears and we didn’t want to make him even more uncomfortable.

Our favorite photographer Dale sneakily snapped this pic of us!

Our favorite photographer Dale sneakily snapped this pic of us!

There you have it, the Sword honeymoon!  We had a great trip with mostly beautiful weather (it rained a few of the days) and made so many wonderful memories.  Even though we kept to ourselves a lot of the time, we still managed to meet some great new friends that we hope to run into again some day!

I highly recommend going the all-inclusive route if you enjoy things like not carrying your own bags, gluttonous eating, reading on the beach, and doing a lot of nothing!

This is my favorite.

This is my favorite.

(photos by Sandals Snap Shots or personal to the Swords)

Next up, I’m gonna close the Sword honeymoon series with a request! ¬†I’m going to share my packing list and detail what I actually used and what wasn’t worth bringing. ¬†Hopefully this will help those of you gearing up for your moons!

Swords of the Caribbean: The “Avoid” List

I’d like to start with my “avoid” list so I can end on a positive note tomorrow with all the positives of our sunny beach vacation! ¬†Plus, I’m a whiner at heart. ¬†So here we go…

Sporting my new Jamaica dress!

Sporting my new Jamaican inspired dress!


Avoid going to a Sandals resort on Reunion Week because your neighbors will be predominately middle-aged and older couples who have been there many times before making you and your partner look like all-inclusive resort noobs. ¬†They’ll know the ropes, they’ll get all the good seats, and worst of all the resort will focus on celebrating anniversaries instead of honeymoons. ¬†Seriously, every little reception we went to was focused on who’d been married the longest! ¬†I’m a bit of an attention whore and as it was our honeymoon I was excepting some perks. ¬†Don’t expect perks. ¬†Especially on reunion week. ¬†Expect lots of sage married advice instead.

Sexy Mr. Sword in our posing in our room

Sexy Mr. Sword posing in our room

Avoid showering at all costs. ¬†I quickly learned that the showers had two settings, freezing, and somewhat luke warm, and don’t even get me started on the lack of pressure. ¬†I prefer my shower water to beat me aggressively at a scalding hot temperature.

In front of the main pool one evening
In front of the main pool one evening

Avoid doing day trips and leaving the resort or at the very least keep them to a minimum.  We did one excursion to walk up the Dunn River Falls (beautiful) and kiss a dolphin (amazing) but we were gone from 8 am to 8 pm and it was such a long day that consisted mostly of traveling!

We were in a bus for a total of seven hours because we had to pick up about 14 other couples from different Sandals resorts’ in Montego Bay on our way to Ochos Rios. ¬†It was really fun and entertaining on the way there because our tour guide taught us tons of information about the history of Jamaica but by the time we headed home later that day I was ready to plop into bed from exhaustion (especially after days of doing nothing).

This is what we were missing when we were on that bus.  Bliss.

This is what we were missing when we were on that bus. Bliss.

Avoid the resort photographers. ¬†Unless you’re like me and love getting your picture taken, it’s best to politely decline after a while because they will ask you EVERY SINGLE DAY. ¬†Mr. Sword and I took photos almost all ten days (because I wanted pics in all my outfits) and he was a trooper but he was getting really sick of it. ¬†We ended up making friends with one photographer in particular and tried to seek him out by the end of our time in Negril. ¬†And hey, if it weren’t for Dale we wouldn’t have beautiful shots like this:

photo by Dale from Snap Shots in Sandals Negril

photo by Dale from Snap Shots in Sandals Negril

Aren’t we awkward cute all wrapped up in a palm tree?

Avoid the bland buffet and eat at the nicer restaurants.  The buffet is nice because you can eat as much as your heart desires (and boy did my heart desire some food) but the restaurants that have a wait staff and menu seemed to have a much better cuisine.

quantity yes but not quality

quantity yes but not so much quality

Avoid technology (which we did successfully I might add!) so you can enjoy your partner and ALL of this:






Next up I’ll share all the stuff you MUST do while at an all-inclusive resort and share more pics from our trip!

(all photos personal)

Can you relate to anything on my list?  Anything else that should be avoided?

Swords of the Caribbean: My Big Fat Jamaican Honeymoon

Damn it feels good to be back!  Hi hive, long time no blog.  The Swords are back from their first beach vacation and they are the epitome of bronze gods.  False.  They only managed a wee tan (that has since left them) and one good day of sunburn (OK, that was just me).

Day One: Really White


Day Ten: Less White


Back in June of 2012 Mr. Sword booked us a wonderful package at Sandals Negril in stunning Jamaica. ¬†He made a fabulous choice and we really enjoyed our beautiful home away from home on the famous 7 mile beach at an all-inclusive couple’s oasis. ¬†It was an amazing ten days!

Well, an amazing 8 days anyway. ¬†The first day I spent gawking at other couples (I’m a people watcher) and trying to make a schedule while squinting from the sun, and the last day I spent dreaming of my own bed and a shower with some power.

Am I the only person who thinks ten days is really freaking long?!?! ¬†ūüôā ¬†I kid. ¬†Kinda. ¬†I’m a person who is constantly on the go and while I love relaxing on the couch after a long day, I have trouble doing nothing for days on end. ¬†It’s a habit I never really learned as a kid, just like ironing and sports.

The absolute BEST part of the vacation was spending so much quality time with Mr. Sword. ¬†And it’s wonderful to be so happily in love after all these month of marriage. ¬†(Sorry for the dumb jokes but I’m just giddy to be back!) ¬†ūüôā


In all seriousness we had a blast laying side by side in lounge chairs next to the ocean and walking hand in hand on the beach. ¬†We loved getting dressed up to visit all the different restaurants, flirting (with each other) in the pools, and cuddling up together in the hot tub. ¬†It was a wonderful ten days and I know I haven’t been that relaxed in a loooong time.


If you’re wondering why there’s all of these professionally posed photos of us it’s because we spent a bazillion dollars for the rights to them and that means I must post as many of them as possible!


I was planning to go into detail about each day of our honeymoon but it would get pretty redundant fast (we ate, we went to the beach, we ate, we went to the pool, we ate, repeat) so instead I’m going to share a “to avoid” list and a “to do” list in my next two posts. ¬†Hopefully they are helpful to those of you still planning your honeymoons and entertaining to the rest off you!


Fun facts in rapid succession with little to no explanation:

We arrived in Negril with seven full cans/bottles of sunscreen and used every last one of them.

I kept my phone off the entire time and never went online so our unplugged honeymoon was a success.

The Jamaican people are amazing and it was great getting to know some of them.

I ate a disgustingly large plate of nachos almost every single day and I drank alcohol constantly without ever really getting too tipsy.


(all photos taken by Snap Shots of Sandals Negril)

Are you considering going to Jamaica or another Caribbean island for your honeymoon?  IS ten days a long time or am I a crazy person?

Unplugged Honeymoon

I know my fellow bees have discussed the pros and cons of having an unplugged ceremony, but today I want to share why we’re choosing to have an unplugged honeymoon.

Heaven on Earth: Katrina & Matthews Queensland & French Polynesian Honeymoon ‚Äď Part 2 Bora Bora

Photo by: Dandi on Polka Dot Bride via

(If you want to read about where we’re going and why I don’t know much about it, see this!)

I should really clarify something: “unplugged” in my eyes means NOT connecting with social media or communicating with others by using electronic devices in any form. ¬†(Also, for what it’s worth, I LOVED seeing photos on Facebook the day following my wedding so I definitely didn’t mind have a plugged in ceremony!)

I just bought a new laptop hive. ¬†It’s a really nice, compact Sony Ultrabook complete with Windows 8 and a touch screen. ¬†I love technology even though I’m rubbish at working most gadgets. ¬†Enter Mr. Sword. ¬†He is intuitive when it comes to most devices and what he doesn’t know offhand he looks up and teaches himself (and then he teaches me). ¬†We’re exclusively Android people because Mr. Sword doesn’t like Apple products (due to the lack of customization) and I just like to be different. ¬†We’re those people that desire to someday run our entire house (lights, music, etc) off of one tablet that is located IN THE WALL. ¬†We love all things Google, we are eternally grateful for the ability to Skype with Mr. Sword’s parents in Scotland whenever we want, and we both use Facebook to keep in touch with those close to our heart but who are far from our home.

We LOVE technology but technology is NOT welcome on our honeymoon to the Caribbean. ¬†(Let’s assume for the sake of this post that¬†WiFi¬†is easily¬†accessible¬†wherever we are staying, which it usually is these days.)

While it would be fun to text “OMG this sunset!” to my friends or share photos on Facebook of our toes in the sand, the only person I want to be connected to on our trip is Mr. Sword. ¬†That also means there will be NO browsing blog posts before dinner, playing games on our phones while waiting for transportation, or uploading pictures after a long day of sight-seeing. ¬†We won’t be posting updates or tweeting about our latest excursions because no one needs to know what’s going on during our honeymoon. This trip will be about each other.

Side note: We will be keeping our phones with us in case of emergency but we won’t be using them for much else besides telling time (I don’t wear watches, ugly wrists). ¬†And we’ll also be bringing our Kindles because there’s no better way to lug a large quantity of books with you and not take up a ton of space.

I know I’ve mentioned this before but our honeymoon will be our first vacation alone in over three years of being together which makes it extra special! ¬†After our Big Day Mr. Sword and I went straight back into life and work. ¬†We also had my wonderful in-laws in town visiting us in Chicago immediately following the wedding in Minnesota. ¬†They were so sweet to be concerned about crashing with us newlyweds but we assured them our wedding was about family and we encouraged them to stay with us while they were still in America. ¬†(We don’t get to see them often enough!)

The honeymoon on the other, we explained, is only about us. ¬†The honeymoon is about relaxing after a stressful year of wedding planning, about spending quality time together that doesn’t include paying bills, driving in the car for 8 hours to MN, or buying groceries. ¬†It’s about trying new and exciting things together, laughing our asses off, being romantic, and making memories to keep for a lifetime. ¬†And that’s why it doesn’t feel right to bring technology with us. ¬†Hello third wheel!

This also means I will be taking a break from blogging for a few weeks (can’t believe I’ve been a Sword since this past July!). ¬†I’m going to take some time to be present with my new husband but I’ll soon be back with honeymoon posts and eventually wedding recaps (whoo-hoo)!

When we get home from the Caribbean we will be so excited to share our adventures with family, friends, Weddingbee, etc! ¬†ūüôā ¬†At that time we will choose which photos to post and which ones to keep to ourselves, we’ll choose which stories have to be told and which ones are better left unsaid, and we’ll update our status’ with life comparisons and complain about the lack of warm weather we had to come home to in the Midwest. ¬†Life will go on and we will welcome technology back with open arms. ¬†But on our honeymoon, it’s just me and him and it’s gonna be grand.

Would you consider an unplugged honeymoon or do you prefer to stay connected no matter where you are? ¬†Did you go to the Caribbean, and if so where?? ¬†I’m going to miss all of you and your awesome comments and my fellow bloggers’ posts! ¬†Sniffle sniffle. ¬†See you all in a few weeks! ¬†ūüôā


Mrs. Sword

Hi My Name is Miss Sword and I Can’t Stop Shopping For the Honeymoon

Gah! ¬†There, I said it! ¬†Glad it’s out in the open. ¬†We are so close to the wedding now and I am so excited to be getting married but since we’re so close to the wedding that means we’re also close to our Caribbean honeymoon and suddenly everything I see in the stores is A MUST HAVE!

The Swords will be going back to their regularly scheduled life after the wedding because we purposely wanted to give ourselves a few weeks in between the wedding and the ‘moon. ¬†We thought it would be nice to have some time to unwind in between, as well as have something fun to look forward to post-wedding. ¬†Another big selling point with waiting until the beginning of April was coinciding our trip with my nanny kiddos’ spring break so Boss Lady could take her vacation while she was sans nanny.

In case you’re wondering why I never talk about where we’re going it’s because I have no clue where we are going! ¬†Read this post to catch up, but basically Mr. Sword booked the entire honeymoon by himself, making the big decisions like which island, which resort, which flights, which package, etc. ¬†It was something he was excited about planning, and it was something I was excited about that didn’t have to be on my list!

Back to the shopping… I started off with a big purchase thanks to my tax refund money and a huge sale at Kate Spade. ¬†Isn’t this the perfect handbag for a beach-y vacation?

Unfortunately it's all sold out at Kate Spade but you find here on Amazon

Unfortunately it’s all sold out at Kate Spade but you find it here on Amazon

Then there’s this maxi dress I found at a store called 2b in the Woodfield Mall. ¬†I was shopping for a bridal shower dress and I literally did a double take. ¬†I could totally picture myself wearing this on our honeymoon so I snapped it up. ¬†My particular dress has a different floral pattern on the bottom but you get the idea from this picture.

image via 2b

image via 2b, currently unavailable

I also proceeded to purchase a pair of sandals, some cheap Old Navy flip-flops, and two other dresses over the course of the last few weeks. ¬†I told Mr. Sword I’m just in shopping mode right now! ¬†Coming off of buying lots of wedding gifts for our families and bridal party, I just can’t stop! ¬†I’m also shopping for clothes for him since Mr. Sword has the least amount of summer appropriate clothing of anyone I’ve ever known.

I can also attribute my splurging to the fact that I’m just so excited to go somewhere tropical and warm for the first time! ¬†I live in the Midwest and I vacation in Minnesota, Scotland or NYC. ¬†I’ve been to Florida once when I was 10 years old, and LA once with a few girlfriends 4 years ago. That’s it! ¬†Contrary to the snowy place we live, Mr. Sword and I absolutely LOVE the heat. ¬†You’ll never find us complaining during the summer. ¬†(For the record, my opinion is you can complain about EITHER the freezing cold winters OR the sticky humidity filled summers, you cannot whine about both, pick a side people!) ¬†I choose to complain when it’s cold outside and I can’t wait to go south and sweat glisten for two weeks straight! ¬†YES!

Finally just this weekend after stopping off for my favorite drink, an iced grande skinny vanilla latte, (yes I still drink those when it’s 20 degrees out and I’m wearing mittens) I went by our local Aldo store and picked up this beauty.

It was on sale for five bucks, how could I say no?

It was on sale for five bucks, how could I say no?

The odd part is I don’t own a single hat, and I never wear them! ¬†In our family, there are two types of women, the ones that look good in hats, and the ones that don’t look good them. ¬†I’m officially trying to change teams on this vacation.

Caribbean, here we come! ¬†We’ll be easy to spot as I’m positive we’ll be the two whitest people on the beach. ¬†ūüôā

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

Did you find yourself shopping a ton before your honeymoon?  Any tips on what you think are some Caribbean MUST HAVES?

Save the Date reveal!

Fresh out of the box and blissfully unaware of the typo!

My FAVORITE part of our STD is the little airplane and the whimsical writing of the “save the date” part. We specifically chose to say “Join us for the weekend,” because¬†¬†we want to encourage everyone who’s not from Minnesota to use our wedding as an excuse to enjoy a short trip up North. ¬†The reasoning behind this comes down to two major factors, 1) unpredictable MN March weather = flying or driving in and out same day is not going to be possible, and 2) we want to spend as much time with everyone as possible!

My family is driving in from North Dakota, Mr. Sword’s family is flying in from Scotland, and many of our wonderful friends will be flying in from Chicago or the east coast. ¬†This is why we are hosting an OOTG rehearsal dinner so we can feed everyone twice and allow our two cultures to enjoy each other as much as possible. ¬†Mr. Sword and I also plan to join everyone for brunch at the hotel the morning after the wedding, which will be free, since breakfast is included in the price of a hotel room. ¬†I know some folks might not understand our logic, arguing that the day after our wedding is all about US, but Mr. Sword and I value the relationships in our life and we want to make everyone feel as special as we do.

When we leave three weeks later on our¬†‘moon¬†you can bet we are going to be selfish then, focus only on each other, and enjoy¬†reminiscing¬†about the one hell of a party we hosted for our wedding.

It took FOREVER to pick the right photo for our STD, but since we’ve received lots of compliments on it I’m thinking we made the right decision! ¬†Hope you like them as much as we do! ¬†Sorry for the extra large photo but I figured they’d be easier to see this way.

(all photos personal)

We were thrilled with the final product of our save the date despite the stupid typo… how did you feel about yours? ¬†Are you glad you took the time to send them out? ¬†Anyone else expecting lots of out-of-state and out-of-country guests?

Honeymoon BOOKED!!

***We take a break from regularly scheduled wedding related programming to talk about the post-wedding vacay.***

I can’t even begin to explain how excited we are to be going on a honeymoon. ¬†This has been IN the budget from day one and as the budget swelled there was never any discussion of skipping or skimping on the honeymoon. ¬†The two of us were adamant about going somewhere warm to be beach bums after our wedding and there was no stopping us. ¬†Shockingly, our honeymoon will be our first vacation together as a couple! ¬†It sounds a bit unbelievable since we have been together since late 2009 and we’ve also been to Scotland (which of course was amazing but we all know the weather in the UK is less than desirable most of the time, rain anyone?). ¬†While we’ve been abroad together, Mr. Sword and I have only taken trips to visit family or attend weddings, which means we never travel alone just to spend time together or simply to relax and slow down for a bit. ¬†But we have been dreaming about it for a while and we knew exactly what we wanted to do.

The criteria for our honeymoon was this: beach, adults only, all-inclusive, and longer than 5 days.

SO, for the first two weeks in April of 2013 Mr. Sword and I will be going to the Caribbean to an all-inclusive resort for 10 whole days!! ¬†SO EXCITING!! ¬†(You might notice that the wedding is in the beginning of March but our honeymoon isn’t until April. ¬†This is purposeful so we have time to be good hosts to our OOTGs, tie up loose ends back at work, and write our thank-you cards before jetting off.) ¬†Mr. Sword decided we should get the upgraded ocean view room and with tons of restaurants, pools, miles and miles of white beaches, countless free activities,¬†concierge¬†service and a honeymoon package, I feel like the luckiest person alive! ¬† But don’t ask me where we’re going.

The actual beach and location of the resort is an unknown to me. ¬† The honeymoon was super important to Mr. Sword (he loves to travel and relax and doing both at the same time is a dream come true) so once we got engaged I put the honeymoon on his list of things “To Do.” ¬†After he booked the trip I quickly decided I did not want to know any location details nor did I want to see any of the pictures (I hear they are gorgeous) because I feel like the less I know the better. ¬†I like it when Mr. Sword surprises me and I think it’s going to make our honeymoon even more special if it’s a secret for me up until we leave. ¬†Plus, I was able to let go of control over this aspect of the wedding planning and I’m so happy I did. ¬†I won’t be able to over-analyze or research his decision, I’ll just be going with the flow, eagerly anticipating next April.

I’m thinking of turning of my phone/internet off for the two weeks that we’re gone, gaining back some of my pre-wedding weight loss and getting a sexy tan. ¬†I’m looking forward to bathing in a post-wedding glow, doing a whole lot of nothing, and enjoying every minute possible with my soon-to-be husband. ¬†The ONLY downside is that Sister Big Eyes’ wedding is a short two months later and I still gotta look good for that. ¬†So I guess I’ll be doing some water aerobics in one of the pools after eating. ¬†(Because I hate packing) I’m already dreading how I will pack for such a long and important trip while¬†simultaneously daydreaming about shopping for cute honeymoon clothes.

Was a honeymoon part of your wedding budget?  Would you be OK with the surprise location?