A Highland Fairy Tale: We Rehearse and Kids Scream

The rehearsal time we were given by Embassy Suites was 8 PM (it was either that or 4 PM) and I think we started pretty close to on time which was shocking considering the amount of interviews we were trying to cram into the hour of 7 -8 o’clock.  At first no one was sure what to do and the atrium looked like this:

Highland Fairy Tale Week! 106

Once I did quick head count to make sure everywhere was there it was time for Pastor P to take over and begin the rehearsal.

Highland Fairy Tale Week! 110

I had been adamant about NOT being in charge because I knew my stress level was going to be high that night and I didn’t want to be shouting directions or running the show.  And for the most part, it was fine.  Mom Sword knew how the processional should be orchestrated and we had brought the music and some speakers so the bridal party could rehearse their entrance.  Being that there was JUST enough of the song for our four couples to walk down the aisle, the timing was pretty crucial.

Melissa camera 4

Highland Fairy Tale Week! 117

Highland Fairy Tale Week! 122

Dad Sword and I getting ready to practice our big moment!

Dad Sword and I getting ready to practice our big moment!

For those wondering, we chose NOT to hire a DOC and honestly, it was fine, in fact it was more than fine, it was great.  We had a coordinator from Embassy Suites that made sure our ceremony was kept private (or as private as you can be in the atrium of a hotel) and who also helped with some ceremony/reception details but for the most part, it was just us managing my insane schedule and type A expectations (and by us I mean my bad ass honor attendants and family members who did a lot of the coordinating).

Highland Fairy Tale Week! 118

The actual rehearsal was really productive and definitely set my mind at ease so if you’re a control freak like myself, I HIGHLY suggest having one.  We lucked out and hired the nicest bagpiper ever who agreed to attend our rehearsal so he could practice piping in the space and be ready for Saturday.  Also, everyone LOVED him.

Highland Fairy Tale Week! 127

In fact the only real “problem” with the rehearsal was the obnoxious screaming adolescents who decided it was more than OK to shout across the hotel from one side to the other during our ceremony run-through.  Note: I do not have pictures of the “shouters” but these are just a few of the folks who were watching us practice.

Highland Fairy Tale Week! 130

Honestly, one of my favorite things about our venue is the atrium and it’s high ceilings and open/outdoor feel.  I knew going into this that our ceremony was going to be observed by uninvited spectators.  And that’s fine by me, heck, I love an audience!  But when the spectators are screaming, “OUR ROOM IS SO COOL, WHAT DOES YOURS LOOK LIKE?” and “WHAT FLOOR DID YOU SAY YOU WERE ON?” while we’re trying to communicate about where the readers should stand or how we’re going to get the handfasting cords to Pastor P, it’s extremely frustrating!

I kept looking up with a glare, and asking friends and family, “Is this for real right now?  I mean, don’t they see we’re in the middle of something?”

No, they don’t “see,” because they’re preteens and they’re excited to be checking into the hotel, and they’re self-absorbed (aren’t we all?) and so they kept right on shouting, and I kept right on muttering, “If this happens during the actual wedding, so help me I will….mumble mumble mumble.”

Note the people and luggage behind Littlest C and Cousin Dancer in this pic below.  For all hotel brides out there, remember Friday is check-in night and therefore tends to be extra crazy!

Melissa camera 2

Hey look, our cinematographers stayed after the interviews to catch some of the rehearsal, how nice of them!  You can see one videographer on the second level of the photo below:

Highland Fairy Tale Week! 131

You’ll have to wait to hear how the actual ceremony goes but let’s just say, when you put on a white dress, people get it.

Highland Fairy Tale Week! 124

Did you have a rehearsal or do you plan on having one?  I feel like it’s less common these days but still a good idea!  Anyone else get married with lots of folks watching?

(all photos personal and really blurry, my apologies)

How did your rehearsal go?  Did anyone else have to deal with a hotel rehearsal?  Would the yelling have annoyed you too?!

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