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…What a Weekend Baby: Bridal Shower Photos!

Remember how I said I was waiting on something before I could recap my MN bridal shower?  Well, it’s here!  MY SHOWER PHOTOS!!

So, part of BM L Dawg’s shower gift to was hire her friend to take photos!  Such a great idea, especially, since I was worrying about who would take photos at the shower and didn’t want anyone to be stuck behind the lens the whole time!  BM L Dawg knew it’d be the perfect gift for me so she asked her friend (who does photography as a hobby) to capture all of those special moments and now we have tons of great detail, candid, and posed shots!  (This is a photo heavy post BTW, in case that’s not obvious yet.)

All of these lovely photos are courtesy of Meagan Maue.  (thank you Meagan!)

My bridal shower was held at my home church up in suburbs of the Twin Cities and the day turned out to be pretty rainy and gross but that didn’t stop us or the guests from having a wonderful time!

The black and white theme was incorporated EVERYWHERE which made me so giddy and excited when I first walked into the room!  I was given a corsage to wear which made me feel even more special!

There is a funny story attached to the pine cones… since I got engaged in Feb. of 2012 I have been talking about incorporating pine cones into my decor because my March wedding is at the tail end of winter, and their natural brown color would go well with our centerpieces, plus I just really like the look of pine cones!  Well most of my family did not like this idea (Mom Sword was very verbal about her dislike of pine cones at a wedding) so you can imagine my surprise when I saw a bowl of them at my shower!  Yay, I finally got my pine cones!

My shower hostess’ are some of the best people I know.  I wish there were enough words to thank them for everything!  My two aunts, cousin, and BM L Dawg really out-did themselves!  And since the shower was Black and White themed, my beautiful and AMAZING hostess’ all wore a splash of red to make themselves stand out.  Brilliant.

BM L Dawg, Auntie B, Cuz-E, Miss Sword, and Auntie N

Of course I had to get some photos with Mom Sword.

And of course MOH/Sister Big Eyes had to photo bomb us!  It was pretty hilarious.

I thought there was the perfect amount of games (another post on that coming soon) and the perfect amount of eating and chatting.  Opening gifts was a blast although I sort of rushed through them because I was worried about people getting bored!  I guess I over-compensated a bit and soon MOH Big Eyes and BM L Dawg were telling me to slow down!  At least I entertained everyone with my dramatic and exaggerated faces.

Even the food was black and white and red.  Can I just say they did a fantastic job considering the options out there?  Pretty sure I’m the only person who had jicama at their shower.

Auntie B did a great job creating these letters to highlight my princess theme.

After gifts and games, it was time for toasts and champagne!  I love this photo below of my adorable hostess’ getting ready in the kitchen!


Hearing the heartfelt toasts was such a beautiful way to end the event.  I am so blessed to have such great family and friends!

And then Mom Sword said I should speak!  Normally I’m a bundle of nerves when I have to say something off the cuff (yes I know, despite being an actor), but instead of freaking out, I took a deep breath and thanked everyone from the bottom of my heart.  It looked a little something like this:

Finally, because no one had to play photographer, we were able to get a group shot at the end!  Everyone was asked to wear black and it looked really great!

Sorry for the wait, but I hope you enjoyed photos!  Did you have a themed shower?  What was it?

Up next, my dramatic dress appointment story.  Get ready.


My wedding dress doesn’t fit and I feel crazy but my shower rocked, what a weekend baby: 1

Hive, how’s it going!?!  Hopefully you’ve picked up on my “Call Me Maybe” reference (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself).  I just got back from Minnesota and what a whirlwind trip it was!  I got a BILLION things done, well almost.

I was able to book two new vendors (flowers and hair/makeup), pick up my dress (sort of), and attend my very own bridal shower.  Mom Sword and Sister Big Eyes and I even had to time to do some DIY’ing of boutonnieres.  Well, I should say they DIY’ed and I sat close by drinking diet coke and offering moral support.

I have so much to recap from my short visit that I decided to make it into a series.  I love it when Bees name their wedding recaps, but also when they do pre-wedding series on invitations, showers or anything else for that matter!

I have lots to say because this weekend was full of so many highs and also a few lows (waahhh).  So hang on and enjoy the ride!

My wedding dress doesn’t fit and I feel crazy but my shower rocked, what a weekend baby:1

You might remember my when I got my invite to this shower, it was black and white, and hinted at a similar theme.  My invite specifically asked that I wear white to the shower and all of the guests were asked to wear black.  I knew immediately where I wanted to go to get my outfit.  Why, White House Black Market of course!

Lucky for me, I was shopping at the end of August, just when all of the summer dresses are going on sale and the fall dresses are coming out.  And really lucky for me was that white was going out of style with Labor Day right around the corner!  So I found a fabulous dress on sale for 60 dollars and I’m confident I can re-wear it again starting next summer.  Here is me posing in it a few weeks before the shower.

Naturally I HAD to buy the geometric matching jewelry set that complimented the dress so well.

(all photos personal)

Sorry that’s all I got for today!  Miss Sword needs to catch up on life!  But stay tuned…  🙂