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Pretty Faces

As my hair and makeup trial is only two weeks away now, I thought I’d share the name of my artist for my fellow Minnesota brides along a few inspiration photos.

My hair/makeup story started a while back when I was searching for some new options after an initial frustrating experience.  I was pretty set on hiring someone who could do both my hair and makeup; I love the efficiency of two vendors in one!  After a few more Google searches, I found this gorgeous website and I sent in my information only to receive both an email and a phone call within a few short days, hence this post entitled, The Hair and Makeup Vendor That Called.  Laura and I just clicked and after meeting her in person in October, I was sold.

Being the flexible person she is, Laura had offered to meet me and curl my hair for my Minnesota bridal shower even before I had signed a contract.  She even drove to my parent’s house!  Awesome.

Black and White Shower in MN- Oct 032

Below is a slight preview of what Laura might do with my hair for the wedding.

Black and White Shower in MN- Oct 030

Speaking of hair… she also picked up my hair extensions a few weeks ago and I’m so excited to see them in person!  I made the decision to go with a golden blonde over a platinum blonde mix based on a pic Laura sent me.

Since I’m pretty set on how I want my hair to look (down and curly), I moved on to thinking about my makeup.  I’ll be doing air-brush and false eyelashes (even though I never sport them in real life!) because it’s my wedding day and I’m going all out baby!

But can I just say that I really love it when other Bee’s do their own wedding day hair and makeup!   I admire them for saving money, for taking charge and for having such talent.  But to be perfectly honest, the thought of doing my own hair or makeup sounds so entirely stressful that I could have a melt down just thinking about it!

For one, I can’t even braid my own hair and it took me a lot longer than most little girls to master the ever-simple ponytail.  Two, I’m someone who gets careless when I’m feeling rushed and who does not work best under pressure!  And finally, I want to be pampered and relaxed so having a hair and makeup artist was an important part of our wedding day budget.

Moving on to inspiration pics!  I tend to look at mostly blondes because I’m trying to get an idea of how the makeup will look with blonde hair.  I guess I’m going for a smokey eye and more of a nude or pale lip.  Also, as a fair-skinned gal, my favorite piece of makeup is not the typical answer of mascara, because I am obsessed with BLUSH.  No subtle cheek bones for me, I wanna see them!

Here’s Kate Hudson, sexy as ever.  And she’s the face of Almay right now?  That’s my makeup brand!  (See I don’t even buy good enough stuff to do my own!)

image via Almay

image via Almay

Here’s Lauren Conrad, ahh, she is so beautiful!  And her line of clothing is sold at Kohl’s so that makes her even cooler!

And while I don’t know who this is, can I look like her on my wedding day?  She looks beautiful, feminine, and she is glowing.  Notice her cheeks?

Finally, this photo was too luscious not to share.

image via Modern Bride on Pinterest

image via Modern Bride on Pinterest

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

Are you hiring a hair and makeup artist in one or doing separate vendors?  Do you have your inspiration nailed down yet?

Bridesmaids continued…

I’m going to take a slight derailment from my second wedding planning trip updates to finish talking about my awesome bridesmaids.  Back when I first wrote about asking my sister to be my MOH and L Dawg to be a bridesmaid I left you all hanging about the other two ladies!  The reason the whole topic of bridesmaids was brought to my attention again is all due to an email I received yesterday morning from MOH Big Eyes (please note for the future that MOH and Sister are the same person but I use them interchangeably as I feel inspired.  Sister/MOH has big beautiful blue eyes, hence the name).

The email subject was “Question for you” and inside was a bit of text and this photo:

used with permission from Sister Big Eyes, I’m on the right

I LOVE THIS.  IT’S HILARIOUS and AWESOME at the same time.

The other lovely lady in the photo is our cousin, who also happens to be one of my bridesmaids.  I shall call her BM Jo.  She’s an amazing athlete and plays division I soccer at a college that shall go unmentioned.  I have watched grow up over the years, and I’ve loved being around for all the major milestones in her life.  One of my favorite memories of her childhood is the day she told me she didn’t want to be carried around anymore because she wanted to walk, waaaahhhh (that’s me crying).  BM Jo just turned the big 2-1 and she is very special to both Sister and I.

Back to the photo above, I love how Sister Big Eyes added in the blonde hair, because both Jo and I are blondies, and ironically so is Sister’s third attendant.  Her third attendant is our brother, aka The Glue.  She wanted all her family on her side and this day in age, anything goes with bridal parties so I’m super excited about her decision!

Image via Offbeat Bride/ Limelight Photography

See the man of honor on the woman’s side?  Isn’t it great?  Well, obviously that is MY spot (right next to Sister as Matron of Honor by that time) but The Glue will fit in nicely with Jo and I.  🙂

The Glue with Sister’s dog

Back to Jo, here are some photos of us from a few Christmas’ ago.  We like to do photo shoots.

At Grandpa and Grandma’s house in North Dakota.

love this one.

Dressed up for Xmas eve service!

Sister Big Eyes was in living in England that year, we missed her… or at least pretended to miss her. 😉

OK SO WHO IS BRIDESMAID NUMBER FOUR?!?!!?!?  I’ll give you some clues, she’s super sweet, lives really really far away from me, and kind of resembles this guy:

Mr. Scottish and some flowers.

Yes, his lovely sister will also be standing up on my side as a bridesmaid as well!  Mr. Scottish has The Glue on his side and I’ll have his wee sis on mine!  “Wee” is a common word in Scotland, they use it in place of little or small, so I shall call her BM Wee Sis.  She’s a lovely person and such a trooper since she will be getting her dress sent to her without so much as trying it on first or seeing it in person.  Boo.  But anything would look great on her so I’m not worried.

Out for a drink with Wee Sis and her bf on my first trip to Scotland

Phew, clearly this was a busy and picture-packed post!  I have more special people to tell you about but this is it for now!

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

Is your bridal party mostly family or friends?  Are you having a man of honor or a best woman?  I’d love to hear about it!!