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Swords of the Caribbean: The “Avoid” List

I’d like to start with my “avoid” list so I can end on a positive note tomorrow with all the positives of our sunny beach vacation!  Plus, I’m a whiner at heart.  So here we go…

Sporting my new Jamaica dress!

Sporting my new Jamaican inspired dress!


Avoid going to a Sandals resort on Reunion Week because your neighbors will be predominately middle-aged and older couples who have been there many times before making you and your partner look like all-inclusive resort noobs.  They’ll know the ropes, they’ll get all the good seats, and worst of all the resort will focus on celebrating anniversaries instead of honeymoons.  Seriously, every little reception we went to was focused on who’d been married the longest!  I’m a bit of an attention whore and as it was our honeymoon I was excepting some perks.  Don’t expect perks.  Especially on reunion week.  Expect lots of sage married advice instead.

Sexy Mr. Sword in our posing in our room

Sexy Mr. Sword posing in our room

Avoid showering at all costs.  I quickly learned that the showers had two settings, freezing, and somewhat luke warm, and don’t even get me started on the lack of pressure.  I prefer my shower water to beat me aggressively at a scalding hot temperature.

In front of the main pool one evening
In front of the main pool one evening

Avoid doing day trips and leaving the resort or at the very least keep them to a minimum.  We did one excursion to walk up the Dunn River Falls (beautiful) and kiss a dolphin (amazing) but we were gone from 8 am to 8 pm and it was such a long day that consisted mostly of traveling!

We were in a bus for a total of seven hours because we had to pick up about 14 other couples from different Sandals resorts’ in Montego Bay on our way to Ochos Rios.  It was really fun and entertaining on the way there because our tour guide taught us tons of information about the history of Jamaica but by the time we headed home later that day I was ready to plop into bed from exhaustion (especially after days of doing nothing).

This is what we were missing when we were on that bus.  Bliss.

This is what we were missing when we were on that bus. Bliss.

Avoid the resort photographers.  Unless you’re like me and love getting your picture taken, it’s best to politely decline after a while because they will ask you EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Mr. Sword and I took photos almost all ten days (because I wanted pics in all my outfits) and he was a trooper but he was getting really sick of it.  We ended up making friends with one photographer in particular and tried to seek him out by the end of our time in Negril.  And hey, if it weren’t for Dale we wouldn’t have beautiful shots like this:

photo by Dale from Snap Shots in Sandals Negril

photo by Dale from Snap Shots in Sandals Negril

Aren’t we awkward cute all wrapped up in a palm tree?

Avoid the bland buffet and eat at the nicer restaurants.  The buffet is nice because you can eat as much as your heart desires (and boy did my heart desire some food) but the restaurants that have a wait staff and menu seemed to have a much better cuisine.

quantity yes but not quality

quantity yes but not so much quality

Avoid technology (which we did successfully I might add!) so you can enjoy your partner and ALL of this:






Next up I’ll share all the stuff you MUST do while at an all-inclusive resort and share more pics from our trip!

(all photos personal)

Can you relate to anything on my list?  Anything else that should be avoided?