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Shoe Me

Why am I such a shoe shopping failure?

(That’s all I got for an intro.  Witty I know.)

Here are some shoes I’ll never buy, but liked enough to save and share with you lovely people.

Satin stiletto heel with crystal/ image via Light in the Box

rsvp Shelley/ image via Zappos

Kate Spade New York Clarice/ image via Zappos

Your daily dose of shoe porn, you’re welcome.

But wait, that’s not all!  I’ve come to a conclusion that feels good in a scary, nauseous sort of way.

Hive, I have decided to order custom-designed shoes from a shop on Etsy.

Why you ask?  Because I haven’t found anything I like and I’m running out of time!  You might remember my desire for Cinderella glass slipper type shoes, but nothing I found seemed to fit that style.  Making things more difficult was the fact that I had a set inspiration in mind, but no idea of how I wanted the shoes to look, in the details and such.  It doesn’t help things when you don’t have a clear vision in your head!

So when I found an Etsy shop and lets you customize your bridal shoes, I jumped on it.  I’m still in communication with the owner and in the process of deciding which shoe base to start with, but  I’m kind of excited about the surprise of it all and the fact that no one will have the exact same pair of wedding heels.

On the other hand, I’m scared that the shoes won’t fit or that they’ll be super painful or worse yet, that I won’t like them!  As someone who rarely buys clothing or shoes online (because I’m the girl who tries on and touches everything she purchases), I’m a bit nervous to take this plunge.  But in the end,  I’m just gonna trust that it’ll work out and I’ll be rocking some fabulous shoes on my wedding day!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to tell my family friend seamstress that I won’t have my shoes for my first fitting.  I don’t think she’ll mind but I know if I were getting Evie altered at a bridal store I wouldn’t have the luxury of asking them to be flexible about my lack of shoes.  Yay for friendors!

And of course I’ll keep you guys posted every step of the way!  Let’s hope the benefits out-weight the risks.   🙂

Would you or have you ordered shoes from Etsy?  Do you have any suggestions on how I can make my shoes look Cinderella-inspired?  And finally, what do you think of the first pair of heels I posted… ugly or HOT (it’s one of those shoes that has no middle ground)?


Cinderella Thinks She Can Do Better

So I went shoe shopping, and frankly, it’s about time!  To be honest, I feel a wee bit behind on my overall bridal look.

I still need to purchase shoes, jewelry, figure out all my “something”s, and decide on a veil.  But it’s not like I don’t want to go shopping (because I do, I definitely do), it’s just that I’m afraid to commit to anything.  I’ve never been someone obsessed with the accessorizing an outfit, and suddenly I need to choose items that will be showcased in my photos for years to come.  This is the big leagues baby and I’m scared!

Booking vendors and even choosing and ordering Evie all went pretty smoothly because I knew I had a timeline and I was able to make quick and smart decisions without second guessing myself.  For some reason I’m convinced that there are just too many options for shoes and jewelry; thus I’m overwhelmed at the thought of making a selection!

Like I said last week, I did end up checking out the Glass Slipper Collection at DSW, but I’m sorry to report I just wasn’t feeling them.  Sadly, there were no butterflies or giddiness.   They have a shoe that is Cinderella-inspired and it is beautiful but it’s not quite special enough.  The display was nice though, and I didn’t have to look far when I entered the store!

Please excuse the crappy photos and the fact that I’m wearing the little nylon footsie things.

I can see the nod to Cinderella, but I’m still thinking I want more of a clear or nude colored heel in a very simple and classic style.  I’m pretty picky when it comes to beading, and the beading on this shoe wasn’t cutting it.  Plus, they were very tight and uncomfortable.  The final result is, I’ll be looking elsewhere.

That same day I did look elsewhere, at a glittery gold  peek-a-boo shoe:

It’s glittery gold yumminess means I should definitely buy it for fun, but I don’t think it’s right for my bridal look.  Back to the drawing board!

I do wish the Glass Slipper Collection shoe had worked out for one major reason though!  On the bottom of each shoe is a carefully placed blue rhinestone.

So lovely and so sweet and SO SOMETHING BLUE.  I’m actually having trouble with my something blue because while it’s a very popular color, I don’t feel strongly about blue.  Now, “something purple” I could live with!  (Note my pants in these photos.)  I might end up adding my something blue to the bottom of my shoes anyway, so I just liked that they had already taken care of it!

Finally if I were to get any shoe from the Glass Slipper Collection I’d totally snag these Royal Pumps because they definitely give me butterflies!!

image via DSW

(all photos personal)

What do you think of the Cinderella-inspired shoe?  Am I being too picky?  Anyone else having trouble accessorizing your bridal look?

I’m a 28 year old Cinderella wannaBEE

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that when you google the words “glass slipper wedding shoes” you are taken to photos like this:

image via Ebay

THAT IS A LITTLE GIRL’S SHOE!  Once again, I’m reminded of how my wedding theme is similar to that of a 6 year old’s birthday party.  Ah, good times.  🙂

After weeding through shoe companies that play on the “glass slipper” name, pictures of Cinderella shoe favors, Cinderella shoe centerpieces, and children sized slippers, I wasn’t left with much!  Apparently Louboutin designed a shoe to resemble the famous Disney character’s slippers, which is awesome, and it’s a gorgeous shoe but too ornate for me.  And too high for a wedding!  (Let’s not even get into the price and the fact that you can’t purchase them!)

Shoes by Christian Louboutin/ Photo by Walt Disney Company/ image via Fashionista

Now I know I don’t have to have a glass, plastic, or even clear shoe to feel like a princess but ever since I named all my girls and gave myself the alias of Cinderella I’ve felt compelled to at least try to resemble the famous slippers at much as I can!

So far I’ve been able to find one good replica:

image via Ebay

But I’m undecided if I want to take such a specific route.  I don’t even know if I think the shoe is that beautiful to be perfectly honest!  It’s simple (which I LOVE) but is it enough for a wedding day outfit?

I think I might visit a traditional bridal shoe salon or browse a few boutiques to see what else is out there before I make any more rash decisions and start googling “fairy godmothers” and “pumpkins that turn into carriages”!

Are you really opinionated about your bridal shoe?  Or have you barely started looking like me?  What do you think of my glass slipper idea??

Will you be my… (princess)?

I MADE SOMETHING!!  I was crafty and creative (shocking I know) and I made all of the women in my bridal party a personalized note to invite them to participate in my wedding.

Not only did I ask them to take part in some aspect of the wedding but I also gave each girl their own princess name/identity.  I used the classic Disney princesses for inspiration and told each girl why I felt she best fit with that princess.  Yes, I’m a HUGE dork, but I had a blast bringing the princess theme to my ladies as well!

My ladies include:

4 bridesmaids: Sister/MOH Big Eyes, BFF L Dawg, Cousin Jo, and Mr. Sword’s wee sister, four ladies who are truly special to me in so many ways and will make me the happiest girl when they stand next to me on the Big Day.

2 honor attendants: Besties H and C, who both know me better than I know myself sometimes, whom I’m blessed to have as friends, and whom I can’t wait to have near me on at the wedding.

1 flower girl: Also known as my nanny girl, a child I’ve loved since I first laid eyes on her when she was 11 months old, and who will probably make me cry when I see her walking down the aisle.

1 usher: (because I’m having kid ushers!) Better known as Cousin Dancer, who is adorable, a treasured part of my family, and perfect for the role of telling adults where to sit!

1 remembrance flower carrier: My lovely and adventurous Cousin Z will be walking memorial flowers down the aisle to remember those who have passed away and can’t be with us on the wedding day (but I think I need a better title for her!)

So, in true DIY fashion, I took pictures as I made my cards, and let me tell you, it was very difficult!  I mean, do you DIY brides normally photograph things yourself or do you have someone helping you?

I went to an Archiver’s in MN with Mom Sword during one trip home and the total cost of the project was about 30 dollars.  But I had a DIY Fail because I did not use a single coupon!  (Doesn’t it always seem like the best wedding project supplies are bought with coupons?)  Here are some step by step pictures of my crafting:

(I’m pretty sure my intricate simple steps are self-explanatory or I’d explain further.)

On the back of the card I glued a list called the “Princess Profile” so that the other girls could see who everyone else was, and I hope that either myself or MOH Big Eyes can use the princess profile in other gifts or cards as the year of the wedding progresses.

I gave myself the Cinderella princess because she has blonde hair her dreams came true just like mine!  MOH Big Eyes and Flower Girl nanny girl both got Belle, because not only do they look-alike (more than I look like Sister), but they also have a really special bond from years of hanging out when Sister would visit Chicago.  🙂

So that’s my BIG craft!  How did I do?  How did you ask your ladies to be in your bridal party?  Is anyone else having honor or personal attendants?  I feel like it’s not very common and not many people get the reasoning behind it!