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A Highland Fairy Tale: We Begin With a Teaser Video!

Hello hive!  Happy June!  It feels like I’ve been gone forever but it’s only been a little over a month since my last honeymoon post.  I had to wait a bit longer for my professional photos (which was really difficult) but I’m happy to report they were worth the wait because they are insanely amazing!  And they make me miss my wedding day ten-fold.

Luckily I get to relive it in epic detail with all of you and I’m totally pumped about that.  So let’s get these recaps started, shall we?

For those of you who aren’t as familiar with my story as others, here are a few highlights of my time as a blogger of Weddingbee:

engagement photo by Jennifer Jackson

engagement photo by Jennifer Jackson

I joined the hive declaring it was my dream come true (and it was).  My other half Mr. Sword, (who proposed to me at the top of the John Hancock building) is from Scotland but didn’t have a family tartan to wear at our wedding, so we decided to design and create our own.  Even though it turned out better than we could ever imagine, it only came about after some disagreeing between myself and Mr. Sword and many opinions from the hive.

I love Mr. Sword's eyes in this photo- he's so good in front of the camera!/engagement photo by Jennifer Jackson

I love Mr. Sword’s eyes in this photo- he’s so good in front of the camera!/engagement photo by Jennifer Jackson

Despite my determination to make my wedding planning year all about me and my boobs, exciting things happened to other people and both my little sister AND Mr. Sword’s wee sis got engaged as well!

In the beginning, I encouraged us all to laugh at ourselves and figure out what type of bride we were most like, I openly showed my support for gay marriage, I begged you all for help in finding a suitable wedding reading, and I made up some new WR lingo.  Speaking of which, how can I get “shrendoring” into Urban Dictionary??  🙂

engagement photo by Jennifer Jackson

engagement photo by Jennifer Jackson

As my planning year came to a close I acted like a drama queen when my dress didn’t fit the first time, but it all worked out in the end thanks to a five-pound weight loss and a new bra.  In my last week as a single lady I admitted my true feelings about plaid/tartan and wrote about how amazing it was to be getting married to the man of my dreams!

And now for a beautiful overview and teaser of our special day:

And with that, it’s time to begin the Sword Recaps!!  Whoo-hoo!  I can’t promise I’ll be brief but I can promise I’ll be open and honest, I’ll be entertaining and at some points embarrassing, and I won’t skip a single major moment!

Sword Wedding footer FINAL


A Scottish Dream Come True

Remember how excited I was when the kilt arrived?  Well, it happened in such a flurry that I didn’t get much time to process the whole thing.  As I write this, I still can’t believe we have our family tartan fabric.  I’m sitting here imaging our future children wearing little baby kilts and it makes me laugh out loud and tear up at the same time.

Ever since we got engaged I knew deep down it was a good idea to pursue the notion of a personalized family tartan but I didn’t know how hard it would be or how blessed we would end up. This was one of my first unique wedding ideas and one of my best if I do say so myself.  Mr. Sword and I have made the decision that we plan to live in the US for an indeterminate amount of time, and I intend to keep his culture alive in our household for the rest of that indeterminate amount of time.

The night after Mr. Sword tried on his new ensemble in its entirety, we were sitting on the couch relaxing and chatting before going to bed.  I looked at him and asked him if it was worth all the money, the stress, and the waiting.  He looked at me and smiled, replying, “Oh yea, definitely,” instantly making me grin as well.

Mr. Sword and I have a few weddings to attend before our own and technically his work Christmas party is cause for formal Scottish garb, but we won’t be debuting his outfit until our Big Day.  It seems only fitting that his ensemble commemorates the start of our lives together since the tartan pattern is officially named Hislastname-Mylastname.

Here is my handsome groom at last!

(all photos personal)

Have one of your far-fetched, seemingly unrealistic wedding dreams come true?  How do you feel?  What do you think of Mr. Sword’s wedding outfit?

Honeymoon BOOKED!!

***We take a break from regularly scheduled wedding related programming to talk about the post-wedding vacay.***

I can’t even begin to explain how excited we are to be going on a honeymoon.  This has been IN the budget from day one and as the budget swelled there was never any discussion of skipping or skimping on the honeymoon.  The two of us were adamant about going somewhere warm to be beach bums after our wedding and there was no stopping us.  Shockingly, our honeymoon will be our first vacation together as a couple!  It sounds a bit unbelievable since we have been together since late 2009 and we’ve also been to Scotland (which of course was amazing but we all know the weather in the UK is less than desirable most of the time, rain anyone?).  While we’ve been abroad together, Mr. Sword and I have only taken trips to visit family or attend weddings, which means we never travel alone just to spend time together or simply to relax and slow down for a bit.  But we have been dreaming about it for a while and we knew exactly what we wanted to do.

The criteria for our honeymoon was this: beach, adults only, all-inclusive, and longer than 5 days.

SO, for the first two weeks in April of 2013 Mr. Sword and I will be going to the Caribbean to an all-inclusive resort for 10 whole days!!  SO EXCITING!!  (You might notice that the wedding is in the beginning of March but our honeymoon isn’t until April.  This is purposeful so we have time to be good hosts to our OOTGs, tie up loose ends back at work, and write our thank-you cards before jetting off.)  Mr. Sword decided we should get the upgraded ocean view room and with tons of restaurants, pools, miles and miles of white beaches, countless free activities, concierge service and a honeymoon package, I feel like the luckiest person alive!   But don’t ask me where we’re going.

The actual beach and location of the resort is an unknown to me.   The honeymoon was super important to Mr. Sword (he loves to travel and relax and doing both at the same time is a dream come true) so once we got engaged I put the honeymoon on his list of things “To Do.”  After he booked the trip I quickly decided I did not want to know any location details nor did I want to see any of the pictures (I hear they are gorgeous) because I feel like the less I know the better.  I like it when Mr. Sword surprises me and I think it’s going to make our honeymoon even more special if it’s a secret for me up until we leave.  Plus, I was able to let go of control over this aspect of the wedding planning and I’m so happy I did.  I won’t be able to over-analyze or research his decision, I’ll just be going with the flow, eagerly anticipating next April.

I’m thinking of turning of my phone/internet off for the two weeks that we’re gone, gaining back some of my pre-wedding weight loss and getting a sexy tan.  I’m looking forward to bathing in a post-wedding glow, doing a whole lot of nothing, and enjoying every minute possible with my soon-to-be husband.  The ONLY downside is that Sister Big Eyes’ wedding is a short two months later and I still gotta look good for that.  So I guess I’ll be doing some water aerobics in one of the pools after eating.  (Because I hate packing) I’m already dreading how I will pack for such a long and important trip while simultaneously daydreaming about shopping for cute honeymoon clothes.

Was a honeymoon part of your wedding budget?  Would you be OK with the surprise location?