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A Bee’s Life: Sword Edition

Lest you think all I do is blog, know that this post was written weeks before my wedding in preparation for posting when I knew I would have zero free time. ¬†I do love to keep a schedule, wedding or not! ūüôā

This is by far my favorite series of all the bee ongoing series’ because I love to learn about what goes on behind the scenes of anything. ¬†When I first found Weddingbee and before I applied to be a blogger I poured over as many of these entries as I could find. ¬†I found them to be extremely helpful and insightful and inspiring, and I hope my post helps you in the same way.

1.  How I found Weddingbee:

29th birthday and tiara 002

Well, this one’s easy. ¬†I got engaged in February of 2012 and immediately started asking my friends for their favorite wedding blogs. ¬†One of the of recommendations was Weddingbee. ¬†The Fairy Tale/Magic generation icons were just beginning to appear and I proceeded to fall head over heels in love with this community.

This is going to come across slightly arrogant or conceited but there’s no other way to say it. ¬†I kid you not, from the minute I laid eyes on this fantastic website I knew I was supposed to be a WB blogger. ¬†I know it sounds dramatic and weird but I swear, I was drawn to it and I had this gut feeling I was going to be a blogger one day. ¬†Mind you, I didn’t have a wedding blog going at the time and no idea where to even begin, but being that¬†I was having a Fairy Tale wedding that coincided with the Fairy Tale/Magic generation, I felt it was all meant to bee!

2. My application story:

Before I talk about my application I want to share that my passion for writing started at an early age. ¬†I used to write a ton in my¬†angsty¬†teenage years in the form of poetry and journal entries. ¬†I’ve been obsessed with quotations (as I’ve mentioned before) for as long as I can remember, because I’m drawn to the way others communicate their thoughts. ¬†I also used to write short plays for my home church’s drama team and I’m the person who gets asked to write little notes or change song lyrics for family celebrations and parties. ¬†Despite all this, there was NO WAY I was gonna start a blog.

Even once blogging became popular, I still had no desire to start one. ¬†This is the dialogue that went through my stupid little head: Me? ¬†A blogger? ¬†Puh-lease. ¬†Blogging is weird and if everyone is doing it that means I’m not going to do it. ¬†I’m too unique for blogging. ¬†I need to begin working on my novel yo.

Obviously, I got slapped in the face (figuratively) by my stupidity and decided blogging was good, and especially helpful if I wanted to continue writing. ¬†So I started a personal/relationship-focused blog back in October 2011. ¬†Mr. Sword was known as “the Scottish” and I shared many embarrassing moments about my life with gripping topics such as, Why Do I Look So Fat in Pictures?, Are you in a Bi-Facial Relationship?, I’m a Church-Crier, and Here’s Hoping My Babies Come Out with Scottish Accents. ¬†I also talked about my relationship with Mr. Sword as well as offbeat or unusual types of relationships (which I’ve talked about before).

When I started to blog about wedding related content I was shocked to find that most of my faithful readers did not give two craps about my wedding planning. ¬†AS IF! ¬†ūüôā

So I started a new blog and devoted it solely to talking about A Highland Fairy Tale. ¬†For months I talked about Weddingbee and how I wanted to be a blogger for them. ¬†I dragged my camera to every vendor meeting and wedding-related outing or event. ¬†My family was like, “Yeaaa, OK, what are you even talking about?” ¬†They didn’t get it.

Then I applied in mid June. ¬†And I waited. ¬†And I waited. ¬†I waited over five weeks and still I had heard nothing. ¬†A new bee hadn’t been introduced in forever and there was literally one fairy tale icon left (sword). ¬†I finally mustered up the courage to email Pengy to nonchalantly¬†ask if they’d received my blog submission. ¬†I went to bed right away and braced myself to wake up to a rejection email.

I did wake up to email from Pengy, but it wasn’t a rejection, it was an acceptance. ¬†I had been accepted!!! ¬†NO FREAKIN WAY! ¬†I know it sounds silly but I meant what I said in my first WB blog post, this really is a dream come true, and I was so excited to start sharing my wedding plans with this awesome community. ¬†My gut instinct had been right and now I was going to be a Weddingbee blogger. ¬†I will never forget that awesome feeling AND how I almost fell on my face when I ran into the bathroom to tell Mr. Sword that I had been accepted.

Naturally I told everyone. ¬†And most people were like, I knew you’d get accepted! ¬†(False. They had no idea. ¬†Most of them were like, what is blogging again?)

3. What’s it like blogging for Weddingbee?

I’m gonna give it to you straight. ¬†If you follow the suggested guidelines ¬†and blog frequently and honestly about your wedding for all of the months leading up to your wedding, it is going to be a lot of work. ¬†And when I say work, I mean, it’s like a part-time job. ¬†All of a sudden not only are you planning the biggest event of your life but you’re also documenting it every step of the way. ¬†I don’t mean to sound scary but blogging is a large time commitment. ¬†However, if you LOVE weddings and writing, then it’s totally worth it! ¬†ūüôā

But wait, there’s more! I wouldn’t leave this post hanging without a list of my unasked for tips!

Miss Swords Tips to Blogging Bliss

1. Do lots of blog prep. ¬†By prep I mean writing posts in advance as ideas come to you. ¬†My posts that have a few days or weeks to sit before being revised are so much better than the ones I hammer out the night before my self-imposed deadline. ¬†My personal schedule (if you haven’t already noticed) is to blog three times a week, M, Tu, and W. ¬†The secret to my¬†consistency¬†is that the bulk of my blogging is done on Thursday and Friday when I have more free time and don’t feel rushed. ¬†Sure, I spend a lot of evenings revising and sometimes scrambling before a post goes live, but it saves me loads of time in the end.

2. ¬†Keep a Google document with a list of topics and ideas for those days when your brain is totally fried. ¬†My spreadsheet has a column for the blog post idea, the working title, the title that actually gets posted, and the date it was posted. ¬†This helps me stay organized and it’s a good way to quickly browse all of your topics.

3. Find the things that make YOU interesting and extra special. ¬†(Hint: there is no wrong answer here.) ¬†We, as readers of WB, all connect with different people and different wedding themes, so don’t hide the parts of your wedding that make it unique. ¬†Here’s what makes The Swords so interesting:

  • I’m marrying a dude from Scotland. ¬†Like he’s here on a visa and needs a green card. ¬†We fly to Glasgow every year. ¬†We designed a family tartan because his last name was not associated¬†with it’s own clan.
  • My little sister is getting married three months after me. ¬†We are both brides and maid of honors at the same time!! ¬†WHOA! ¬†And she steals shares a lot of my vendors. ¬†It’s a bit crazy.
  • I’m a weirdo. ¬†I take way too many photos of myself, I’m wearing a tiara with my wedding gown, I can’t handle my liquor but there will be a lot of drinking at our wedding, and I’m obsessed with my boobs.
This was taken the Friday before our wedding!

This was taken the Friday before our wedding!

4. Do the thing that you’re the best at. ¬†I am good at writing lots of content and advice. ¬†I’m also good at pushing the envelope and bringing up controversial topics. ¬†I’m not good at crafting, researching, making inspiration boards, posting photos from other weddings, and I especially suck at making color palettes. ¬†Know yourself well enough to know what your strengths and weaknesses are in regards to blogging. ¬†Do you do better at comparing and contrasting? ¬†Do you thrive on scoping out other blogs? ¬†Do you enjoy commenting on articles or links? ¬†Are you funny? ¬†Are you a bit offbeat? ¬†Blog your strengths, I can’t stress that enough.

5. Grow some thick skin. ¬†The thicker the better! ¬†I can be a real Sensitive Sally sometimes, but I had to let that go when I became a bee blogger. ¬†You know how you’re supposed to keep your mouth shut if you have nothing nice to say? ¬†Well, that doesn’t always happen on the interwebs. ¬†And you might get some hurtful comments on some of your posts.

After one particularly mean comment I was talking to Mr. Sword in attempt to feel better and gain some perspective. ¬†Luckily, my husband is one of the smartest men I know and he reminded me that for every person that doesn’t like something you write, there will be someone who does like it. ¬†He said if you put yourself out there, you will get both good and bad feedback and that’s OK. ¬†100% of people who read your stuff will not like it. ¬†It’s impossible. ¬†And then I felt 100% better.

I blog not only for Weddingbee and the community of readers but also for myself and for family and my future.  I am so excited to have this entire year of written memories recorded in one place.  How cool!

On that note, this post is complete.

Good luck to those bloggers who are itching to write for Weddingbee!  Thanks for reading my story.


Guess who’s engaged?

No, not me silly! ¬†I got engaged this past February. ¬†It’s actually someone who is like a sister to me but no, I’m not talking about Sister Big Eyes, although she just got engaged in May.

OK, no more stalling… IT’S MY FUTURE SISTER-IN-LAW!!! ¬†That’s right, Mr. Sword’s Wee Sis got engaged last week to her man B and we are so excited and happy for them!! ¬†ūüôā

Can you tell she’s related to Mr. Sword?

Wee Sis and her guy B have been together since Uni (college) and already own a house together (because they are that cool)! ¬†It is a real bummer we don’t live closer because they are awesome people and it’s a shame we don’t get to see them very often. ¬†It’s hard to have family across the pond, but thankfully with email and Skype, we are able to keep in touch pretty often. ¬†I can’t wait to see them in March at our wedding so I can congratulate them in person!

B was quite the romantic when he proposed to Wee Sis!  He led her up the front steps and through the house by way of 100 candles and lots of flowers!  Wee Sis said that while they had discussed getting married quite a bit, she had no idea when the proposal was coming!  She was completely surprised (and a bit warm due to all the candles) when it happened!

Not only am I excited for their wedding because they are part of my new family, but also because it will be my FIRST Scottish wedding in Scotland!  True to UK style, they are going to have a long engagement of about two years or more so they can enjoy this special time and save a bit of money.  Wee Sis is ready to start reading Weddingbee for ideas though!

Well, that’s me fresh out of sisters, so unless The Glue is ready to tie the knot (he’s not btw), then I guess I’m done sharing family related engagements for a while!

Just wait til we all start having babies around the same time. ¬†Yeesh. ¬†ūüôā

(photos courtesy of B)

I love to hear engagement stories, did anyone you know recently get engaged? ¬†How cool is it that BOTH my sister and Mr. Sword’s sister are engaged?

Pop Quiz: Planning All The Details

Hi everyone! ¬†Today I’m joining the pop quiz series to talk about wedding details! ¬†These don’t include the big stuff like your officiant, photographer, caterer, or buying THE DRESS. ¬†Instead, I want to talk about All The Little Things that go into planning a wedding. ¬†Because it’s¬†a lot of fun and more often than not, the details are where we get to be the most creative!

1. Which of these options best describes your personal wedding theme?
A) Country, Rustic, Outdoorsy
B) Modern, Simple, Elegant
C) Unique, Wild, Bright
D) Romantic, Princess-like, Whimsical
E) None. ¬†To re-quote my fave wedding remark EVER, “Umm, a wedding has a theme! ¬†It’s called a wedding!”

Miss Sword Says: I LOVE THEMES! ¬†I would say our wedding is mostly D with a side¬†of B as well. ¬†Those of you who have been following my posts know that I refer to my wedding as “A Highland Fairy Tale.” Does your wedding have a title? If so please explain in the comment section!

2. What became your favorite detail over the course of your wedding planning?
A) Paper products (invites, STD’s, escort cards)
B) Desserts (cake, candy buffet, late-night snack)
C) Bridal accessories (veil, jewelry, shoes)
D) Decor (centerpieces, favors, lighting)

Miss Sword Says: I would have to say A or D, but to be honest, none of the little details got me as excited as picking my photographer, venue, or dress!

3. What detail of the wedding did you struggle to care about, if any?
A) Paper products (invites, STD’s, escort cards)
B) Desserts (cake, candy buffet, late-night snack)
C) Bridal accessories (veil, jewelry, shoes)
D) Decor (centerpieces, favors, lighting)

Miss Sword Says: ¬†This is going to sound really weird coming from a girly-girl, but definitely C. ¬†I have no idea or vision for my jewelry, I’m still very unsure which route I will use to get my veil, and if you’ve read my one idea for bridal shoes, you know I’m nowhere near solving that one.¬† At least I have the most important piece (the dress)!

4. Where did you get most of your wedding detail ideas?
A) Blogs of course!
B) Family/Friends
C) Wedding websites
D) Most of my ideas are unique to me!

Miss Sword Says: A. Duh! ¬†I love wedding blogs!! ¬†I like to think some of my ideas are unique, but I’m sure if you tried hard enough you could find someone who’s done it first. But who cares? ¬†Weddings can’t help but be personal reflections of the couple no matter where the details come from!

5. Are you making a lot of your wedding details?
A) Yes! I’m a DIY fanatic! It’s fun and it’s saving me money!
B) NO WAY. I’m a destroy-it-yourself kind of person. I’ll be buying most things.
C) I like to pretend I DIY and sometimes I even buy the materials, but usually I just end up ordering because it’s more time-efficient.
D) I DIY most things but it’s because I’m really good at X, Y, or Z (graphic design, painting, sewing, etc).

Miss Sword Laughs Says: B. Remember when I asked the hive about whether or not I could make my dream cake topper? Well, I’m probably gonna end up ordering that soon. Glad I’ve spent about three months just thinking about DIYing it. FAIL.

6. Who has been the most helpful person with All The Little Things (other than your partner)?
A) Mom
B) Sister or Cousin
D) Wedding Planner
E) Other? Please specify!

Miss Sword Says: A. ¬†Mom Sword ROCKS! ¬†She is constantly on the look out for wedding related stuff and she’s usually spot on!

7. How many times a day do you think about a detail related to the wedding?
A) Once or twice
B) Five times at least
C) Can’t even count, it’s constant!
D) Umm, rarely, my life is too busy for constant wedding planning!

Miss Sword Says: I don’t really want to answer this, but of course I will; I have to say B or C. ¬†I definitely don’t think about my wedding every minute of the day, and I MAKE SURE to talk about other things when having conversations with people outside my bridal bubble. ¬†But my brain moves fast and I get ideas for planning (or for blogging about planning) ALL THE TIME. ¬†It’s a bit exhausting… but mostly awesome.

8. Finally, is there a wedding detail that is pretty pointless in your humble opinion?
A) Guestbook
B) Menu cards
C) Bathroom baskets
D) Ceremony programs
E) Welcome bags
F) Favors
G) Nope, all of those things will make an appearance at my wedding!

Miss Sword Says: I have to say G. I am excited about my wishing stone guestbook. ¬†I’m going to attempt to make menu cards (assuming there’s time); I love the idea of DIYing bathroom baskets for your guests, just like Miss Dragon!¬† My awesome Boss Lady has already agreed to make our ceremony programs, and I plan to have both welcome bags for all of our OOTG’s and favors for everyone! ¬†Phew, so much to do!

Looking forward to hearing all of your answers!! ¬†ūüôā

Happy Engagiversary!!

This past weekend Mr. Sword and I celebrated our six-month engagiversary, for one simple reason: we remembered it. (who remembers their six-month engagiversary?!?!)

We were out on a dinner cruise and the waiter asked us if we were celebrating anything special (we were not), but after he left it dawned on me, it was the 19th of August, six months ago to the day was when Mr. Sword took me to the top of the John Hancock and proposed!  So we celebrated.

The dinner cruise was on ¬†a ship called the Odyssey that takes off from Navy Pier. ¬†Boss lady had bid on it at a silent auction and then gifted it to Mr. Sword and I. ¬†Man, were we grateful!! ¬†Tickets for the three-course meal, live band, and amazing view are a bit on the pricey side but the only thing we had to buy were our drinks and gratuity. ¬†We ended up splitting a bottle of red wine and celebrating our engagement basking in the evening glow of our favorite city. ¬†It was the most perfect date night. ¬†Seriously, if you ever go to Chicago and have the time/money to go on a dinner cruise, do it! ¬†One of my favorite things about Chicago is the skyline, and it’s absolutely gorgeous at sunset on a boat.

Dear Mr. Sword, I love you so much! ¬†You have been such a wonderful fianc√© for the past few months and I’m so lucky to have such a helpful and smart groom-to-be. ¬†Another half a year to go til we say I do! ¬†This journey has been one of the best I’ve ever taken. ¬†You’re my most favorite tall skinny Scottish man ever! ūüôā Muah!

(all photos personal)

Has anyone celebrated their engagiversary at the half-way mark or at a year?  Anyone else remember last-minute like us?

A Scottish Dream Come True

Remember how excited I was when the kilt arrived?¬†¬†Well, it happened in such a flurry that I didn’t get much time to process the whole thing. ¬†As I write this, I still can’t believe we have our family tartan fabric. ¬†I’m sitting here imaging our future children wearing little baby kilts and it makes me laugh out loud and tear up at the same time.

Ever since we got engaged¬†I knew deep down it was a good idea to pursue the notion of a personalized family tartan but I didn’t know how hard¬†it would be or how blessed we would end up. This was one of my first unique wedding ideas and one of my best if I do say so myself. ¬†Mr. Sword and I have made the decision that we plan to live in the US for an indeterminate¬†amount of time, and I intend to keep his culture alive in our household for the rest of that¬†indeterminate¬†amount of time.

The night after Mr. Sword tried on his new ensemble in its entirety, we were sitting on the couch relaxing and chatting before going to bed. ¬†I looked at him and asked him if it was worth all the money, the stress, and the waiting. ¬†He looked at me and smiled, replying, “Oh yea, definitely,” instantly making me grin as well.

Mr. Sword and I have a few weddings to attend before our own and technically his work Christmas party is cause for formal Scottish garb, but we won’t be debuting his outfit until our Big Day. ¬†It seems only fitting that his ensemble commemorates the start of our lives together since the tartan pattern is officially named Hislastname-Mylastname.

Here is my handsome groom at last!

(all photos personal)

Have one of your far-fetched, seemingly¬†unrealistic¬†wedding dreams come true? ¬†How do you feel? ¬†What do you think of Mr. Sword’s wedding outfit?

Suit shopping with my Dad- it took all of 10 minutes

Dad Sword never wears a suit. ¬†Never. ¬†His dressy look includes black jeans and a button-up shirt. ¬†He hates the feel of ties around his neck and if he could he’d spend the rest of his days sitting on the couch with his laptop, watching a sports game on TV, or camping in the great outdoors.

Case in point.

BUT Dad Sword has a wedding to attend next March (an important one), and then he has ANOTHER wedding to attend next June (equally important). ¬†With two daughters engaged¬†it seemed like the perfect time for Dad Sword to purchase a suit. ¬†Mom Sword thought so too, and on our second wedding planning trip to Minnesota we took an evening to go to Kohl’s (PS I love Kohl’s) to look at suits. ¬†We found him a jacket, the matching pants, and a belt, and with my Mom Sword’s coupons and the additional percentage off for using the Kohl’s card, it was A STEAL. ¬†I think we ended up buying the second outfit he tried on, hence the 10 minute shopping time.

Outwardly Dad Sword grumbled but secretly he was happy as a clam.  Both of my parents are beyond excited for both sets of upcoming nuptials and it was great to see him step out of his comfort zone a bit.  The one thing Dad Sword said (after asking that it be a quick shopping trip), was to wonder whether or not he could pull off a pinstripe suit.

What is this? ¬†A request? ¬†An opinion? ¬†We were not expecting this, but we were excited that he had put in some thought into it and went in search of a nice looking pinstripe suit. ¬†While my wedding is on the semi-formal sides of things, Sister/MOH Big Eyes’ wedding is more on the more dressy casual end of the spectrum, but in the end we both wanted Dad Sword in a suit at our weddings and the man wasn’t going to buy two (obviously), so he’ll be wearing the same suit at both of our weddings. ¬†No.big.deal. ¬† Maybe he’ll even get a third time out of it if it still fits it by the time our little brother aka “The Glue” gets married.


Much better.

After we found one we all liked, I decided I had to see how we’d look together walking down the aisle. ¬†I’m going to be keeping entirely with tradition and have Dad Sword walk me down the aisle on the day of my wedding. ¬†People have asked if Mom Sword will be joining us, but I’ve said no, it’s just for me and him. ¬†It’s something I’ve been excited to do with Dad Sword since I was little and I get to do plenty of special things with Mom Sword. ¬†Plus I don’t want to be crowded walking down the aisle in my dress, plus I’m a big klutz and the more feet nearby the more likely I am to trip, and PLUS I don’t need any reasoning behind my decision!

Sometimes I feel like it’s becoming too “conservative” and/or “boring” to have just one person walk you down the aisle, let alone to have it be your father when so many brides are thinking outside the box by having their brothers, their moms, or even themselves do the honors! ¬†And hey, more power to them. ¬†Everyone should do what is special to them. ¬†I am incredibly blessed to have a great relationship with my father and when I walk down the aisle on my wedding day, there’s only one person’s arm I want to be on.

Umm yea…

OK wait, ¬†NEVER MIND, can I get a sub?? ¬†Anyone? ¬†Oh well, I guess I’m stuck with him. ¬†ūüôā


Finally we had to see it all come together with the pants.

So handsome.

(all photos personal)

Does anyone else have a Dad who prefers sports and the outdoors to fine and fancy things?  Who is walking YOU down the aisle?

Busy busy bee

We have a lot of appointments set for our second trip to Minnesota. ¬†And by a lot, I mean around 3 or 4 appointments per day. ¬†It’s kind of intense. ¬†I’m taking this long-distance planning very seriously. ¬†And to be honest, I’m super pumped! ¬†I literally can’t wait. ¬†This is my dream, going around meeting people for coffee or wine to discuss a big party all about me (and Mr. Scottish)? ¬†SOUNDS AMAZING. ¬†Perhaps this is why my Mother thinks I should be a wedding planner, I’m not very interested in that career path, but I do love to help the people in my life with their weddings. ¬†Since MOH Big Eyes¬†is recently engaged, I can start tagging along to her appointments as well and demanding only the best for her! ¬†ūüôā

This is a screenshot of my upcoming week. ¬†Only the vendor and bridal gown/bridesmaid appts are set in stone, but there is a tiny bit of wiggle room for the other stuff. ¬†Remember when I said I scheduled in specific time for Mr. Scottish to play video games and drink beer? ¬†Well here is the proof! ¬†And a funny little tidbit: ¬†When talking with Mr. Scottish about doing this screenshot, I said, “What is a screenshot exactly? ¬†Do you take a picture of your computer screen with your camera and then upload it?” ¬†Insert laugh here. ¬† But seriously that is what made sense to me!! ¬†I am computer illiterate and Mr. Scottish nicely puts up with me. ¬†Consequently, this screenshot is courtesy of him. ¬†If ¬†I ever need to make another one, Lord help me…

Hey, other Long-Distance brides!  How do you plan your time at home?  And also how many photographers do couples normally meet with?  We are meeting with four total, two at the low end of our price range and two at the high end of it, just to compare!