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A Highland Fairy Tale: We Watch Me Cry/Laugh Down the Aisle

At this point the DJ faded out and Bagpiper E started playing again, this time, Highland Cathedral, also known as my bridal song.  I kept wondering in the back of my mind if I’d regret walking down the aisle to bagpipes but I’m to report I was 100% happy with my bridal march!  Some folks said they got the chills when the bagpipes started again.  Me too.  🙂

I’ve included a link to the song if you want an idea what E played but you’ll have to imagine it without the drums and going a bit slower in tempo:

Before I entered, our flower girl, Littlest C, mader her appearance down the aisle, scattering petals in preparation for the bride.  She took her job very seriously and looked absolutely adorable.

Coffield Wedding 0517

She did a fantastic job scattering petals and she looked adorable.

Coffield Wedding 0519

If you’re at all like me, you were a bit nervous (or you will be) before walking down the aisle, but once Dad Sword and I got started, the nervous butterflies turned into happy butterflies and I was so excited to be walking down the aisle to my groom in front of all of my favorite people!  I am an extrovert after all.

Coffield Wedding 0521

When Dad Sword and I first began walking I was worried about tripping but I soon forgot about my feet and all of my energy became focused on NOT SOBBING.  Watch as my face attempts to “keep it together.”

Coffield Wedding 0522

Coffield Wedding 0523

My emotions were getting the best of me and I’m pretty sure it had something to do with this amazing guy:

Coffield Wedding 0524

What do you do when the love your life is beaming at you in his handsome kilt minutes before it’s time to pledge your love to each other?  Completely lose it of course (with Dad Sword grinning away as a proud FOB next to you).

Coffield Wedding 0525

Coffield Wedding 0527

And then start to chuckle cause you’re so happy you feel silly.  I don’t know how anyone can cry all the time and NOT have a sense of humor about it!

Coffield Wedding 0528

Coffield Wedding 0529

Coffield Wedding 0530

Coffield Wedding 0531

After hugging Dad Sword, I was presented (sounds better than “given away,” right?) to Mr. Sword and proceeded to hold his hand as much as I could for the entire ceremony.  There was nowhere else in the world I wanted to be.

All photos by Crystal Liepa Photography.

Did you cry and then laugh at yourself while walking down the aisle too?  Anyone else use bagpipes for their bridal march?

Sword Wedding footer FINAL.jpg

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