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Ending my Hen Do!

I’ve decided there’s no better time to post a picture of myself eating a penis cookie than during Thanksgiving week when most of you are out spending time with your families, cooking, traveling, and overall just enjoying the holiday.  Win win.

I am one classy broad

Yep, those chocolate sprinkles definitely represent what you think they represent.  MOH Big Eyes left no stone un-turned.  She also made rice crispy penis treats too, but they were a bit too hard.  That’s what no woman said, ever.  (Wow, I’m on fire.)

Hive, please excuse my crass and photo-heavy post.  I’m in quite the bad mood and need a break from life.

Mr. Sword just arrived back from his Stag Do in Scotland on Monday night (updates on that to follow next week!), only to find out he has to fly BACK to the UK this coming weekend.  He’s needed in England for a few workshops, and I’m stuck here moaning about it.  I take that back, I’m actually attempting to be the strong one, but my definition of being the “strong one” is taking a break from whining every ten minutes or so.  WOE IS ME!!!  🙂

Poor Mr. Sword has to switch back to their 6 hour ahead time zone and travel all night on a plane before being expected to be awake and alert for a new job on Monday morning.  Then after the week of workshops in England, his team starts their real work in Kansas City which means we begin our semi LDR relationship.  You’ll remember I’ve already complained about that here.

Before I leave you with all the photos, let me say a few things: I searched EVERYWHERE for the perfect little white dress, and found one at Charlotte Russe for 15 dollars exactly one week before the big day.  It was very Mr. Sword approved and very under budget!

The pictures may lead you to believe otherwise but I only had about 3 drinks all night.  I swear.

Dancing the night away as a hen/bachelorette was pretty amazing!  I loved telling everyone, “I’m getting married!” and blowing my penis whistle.

Below are my memories.  Enjoy.

Wedding Trivia Pictionary

food and spectators

Stuffing my dress with the best favors EVER

Ready to go out and looking a bit nakey

riding the CTA in style

my stunning sister

umm yea…

H Bomb is the best dancer in the world

busting moves, like I do

We tried to get photos with the guys that congratulated me… most of them thought it was my birthday. Weird.

pretty ladies

I love this set of sisters!

the bouncer let me hold his bad-ass flashlight

end of the night shenanigans

the party didn’t stop when we got home

welp, this is what I looked like the next morning

Now that I’ve plastered obscene and embarrassing photos of myself online, I’m gonna go punch myself in the face and pray I never need another job interview, EVER.  Just kidding, I promised I’d share everything on the blog, and I couldn’t leave this stuff out.  Hope you had a few laughs!  I know I did.

OH, and Happy Turkey Day Friends!


Miss Sword



Let’s talk about panties!  Because I got a crap load of them at my shower and they’re all adorable!  It was all part of a game/poem that my hostess’ read to me.  It was so fun to open each pair as they read each stanza, and I think it was a real-crowd pleaser as well!

I LOVED the games at my shower, they were so fun but at the same time didn’t put anyone on the spot.  I thought I’d share what we did for those who are interested and those planning a shower in the near future!

The first game was on-going throughout the shower.  When you arrived you were asked to pick up two clothespins and place them somewhere on your clothes.

If you said one of the three off-limit words, someone could steal your clothespin and whoever had the most on by the end of the afternoon won a prize!  The three hot words were “wedding,” Mr. Sword’s real name, and “Chicago.”  I thought this was hysterical because my family often complains about how often I talk about Chicago while in Minnesota.  For example, someone will say, “The traffic is so bad today!”  And I’ll say, “Well, you should see the traffic we have in Chicago.  Chicago is way worse.”  Needless to say, I lost my two clothespins right away and then spent the rest of the afternoon saying Mr. Sword’s name and Chicago quite frequently!

The second game was the panty poem which has been featured on WB before by Mrs. French Bulldog and others!  I won’t write out the poem again as it’s pretty easy to find online if you search “panty poem,” but I will show you all the beautiful panties I received!  I love Victoria’s Secret underwear, do you?

Panty 1: Bridal White- First Night, Panty 2: Sexy lace panties for Honeymoon, Panty 3: Red- Valentine’s Day, Panty 4: Leopard or Purple for 1st anniversary

Panty 5: Pink and Blue for first baby, Panty 6: Sexy full cut pair for 25 years, Panty 7: Big Giant Pair (granny panties)

Here’s hoping I never fit into those!  I have a big butt already but YIKES!  At least they’re granny panties in my favorite color.  🙂

Finally, the third game we played was a concentration/memory game.  Our hostess’ split us up into three groups to make it more interactive. I’m going to write this one out because it’s not super long, and there seem to be a few variations of it online. This version was perfect for us!

Candy Match Game
Butterfingers = First Date Interaction
Hugs = Warm Embraces
Pay Day = Wedding Ring Purchase Date
Twix = Bachelor Party Pranks
Mounds = Gifts
Hot Tamales = The Bride
Sweet Tarts = The Bride and Groom
Lifesavers = The Parents
100 Grand = The Reception
Skor = The Honeymoon Night
Starburst = Groom’s Honeymoon Reverie
Baby Ruth = 9 Months After the Honeymoon

This game was amazing because when you matched a set, you got a full-sized version of the corresponding candy bar. I LOVE sweets and luckily for me I had bridal luck on my side as I kept winning candy bar after candy bar. I tried to give a few away so I didn’t end up eating them all thankfully!

The below photos are courtesy of Meagan Maue.

Ok, I promise I’m done talking about my shower!  I’ll be back to regular wedding planning stuff next week.

First up, I was able to check out the Cinderella shoe line at DSW so I’ll fill you in on whether or not those shoes were fit for this princess!

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

What games did you do at your shower?  Did you get panties or candy bars like me?  Did you experience any “bridal luck?”

Murder Mystery Dinner with the Fam

My family and I are HUGE dorks.  And I mean that in the best way possible, because we have so.much.fun together!  And by family I mean immediate and extended, my mom’s side of the family is all really close and relatively small so we get together frequently.  But some of the things we do are a bit unconventional.

We sing, like all the time. We sing in church once a year at my Grandparent’s UCC congregation in North Dakota.  We are sort of famous there, singing the same two songs yearly.  I mean, people stay in Bismarck over the holiday just to hear us sing! We always leaving singing messages of “Happy Birthday” on our family member’s special days. We make up new lyrics to the song, “Dear Abbey,” for all special events, including birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc.  And my siblings and I have formed a small band.  My brother, aka “The Glue,” likes to pretend he’s not in it, but he’s our guitarist.  Sister Big Eyes and I are the singers and we harmonize pretty well being sisters and all.  Our group is called BME (beginning, middle, and end).  L Dawg has already requested that BME sing at her wedding. Truth.

We play games, like all the time.   We are hard-core card gamers!  We love card games especially, but also play group games, board games, darts, air hockey, and even poker (with fake money).  On more than one occasions, we have hosted our own family Talent Show.  Yes.  Wow.

We eat a lot of junk food.  Eating crappy food when you’re on a vacation is the way to go!  We even had family shirts made that say, “Food, family, and… FOOD!”  Ain’t no shame in our game.  🙂  We used to have this huge bowl of candy out at Easter and one year the parents decided it should go away, and I’d by lying if I said there wasn’t an official protest.

So, when my Mom suggested we celebrate Big Eyes and The Glue ‘s May birthdays with a Murder Mystery Dinner, naturally I thought it was a great idea.  Mr. Scottish, Sister’s BF, and L Dawg were invited as well and of course we were all encouraged to dress the part!  Here is the proof:

The Glue with Mr. Scottish- beer buddies

L Dawg, The Glue, Mr. Scottish, and me

Mom, Dad, Sister, and Sister’s BF

junk food!

Dad and Sister- check out those eyes! 🙂


While this isn’t directly related to wedding planning and A Highland Fairy Tale, it is related to marriage.  This is Mr. Scottish’s future family, and guess what?  He doesn’t sing, rarely eats junk food, and gets nervous when being put on the spot during games, especially Murder Mystery games where he has to pretend to be another character.  But surprisingly, I’m convinced most of my family like him better than they like me.  (Princess-haters.)

Regardless, this was a wonderful evening and reminds me how much I love my family!!

(All photos personal)