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Secret Life of Bees: Sword Edition

I love this series!  It’s so fun to learn more about each Bee’s life outside of wedding planning.  🙂

As I started thinking about this series I began to curse myself for being such an open book.  Don’t I over-share already?  Won’t everyone know this or that by now?  Of course that’s a silly way to think, because there’s always more to share!

And then I stumbled on the real reason I don’t have many secrets: I’M LAME.  I don’t have a tattoo, a strange addiction, or a unique talent, or a weird family situation, but luckily I’m a trooper and I was able to scrounge up three embarrassing tidbits to share with the Hive.  You’re welcome.

1. I have “chronic bitch attitude” when I walk down the street alone.  It’s a bit like chronic bitch face, and please reference the ever-hilarious Mrs. Unicycle for her take on chronic bitch face.  Have I said chronic bitch enough times yet?  Geez.

The thing is when I’m walking with Mr. Sword, my nanny kiddos, or a couple of girlfriends, I’m one happy gal.  I’m friendly and I smile; life.is.good.  But for some reason when I walk alone I encompass this rude big city ‘tude and I’m kind of unpleasant.

To make matters worse, I walk around Chicago daily.  I mean, I do a lot of walking.  And because I walk by a ton of people, I end up getting hit on a decent amount.  It’s bizarre but true, I still get hollered at despite looking like I’m walking around with a stick up my ass.  Instead of feeling complimented (like I am when I’m not alone) I usually make the “Eww” face and continue on my way with a shudder.  HOW DARE THEY HIT ON ME!?!?!

If people try to ask me for directions (a bad idea in the first since I barely know where I’m going half the time) I am really hesitant and unsure.  Who are you?  Why are you talking to me?

I’m also really bad at making small talk in general but I’m especially bad at it on long elevator rides.  I would never intentionally talk about something as boring as the weather, so if I bring it up you know I’m desperate.

Social skills FAIL.

2. I have a small obsession with the Amish Culture.  When I say small, I really mean, huge.  First off, I’ve read about ten books by New York Times Bestseller, Beverly Lewis, author of Amish novels inspired by her experience growing up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Lewis writes these dramatic and spiritual books about her mother’s Plain heritage and I literally can’t put them down!  She writes about their struggles in such a personal way, and to be honest, I find a forbidden Amish love story to be way more intriguing than any vampire, zombie, or werewolf version of the same.

I haven’t read any of her books in a while (been planning a wedding yo), but recently my favorite TV channel, TLC, premiered a new show, Breaking Amish,  and it’s rocked my world every Sunday for the past few weeks.

image via TLC

Now I know there are some rumors floating around about the show, and I understand that reality TV is often times scripted, but watching their stories unfold and hearing about their life growing up in the Amish community is really interesting to me.

I’ve always been fascinated with history and learning about other cultures.  And for the record, just because I’m intrigued by different lifestyles doesn’t mean I’m agreeing with them.  I do think we can all be respectful of each other’s differences, and educate ourselves to be less ignorant.  When you know more about where someone comes from, it’s harder to judge them.

3. My friends and I always have the most INAPPROPRIATE nicknames for each other.  Like, it’s bad, super embarrassing, and I can’t believe I’m sharing this with the world.

High School: DGLB’s (Damn Good Looking Babes)  While DGLB didn’t stick around after leaving high school, a few of our individual nicknames DID stick.  See, we made these names for each other and it’s still fun to use them to this day.  In the picture below, the friend on the left is Crabby and the friend on the right is Fatty.  (My name is long forgotten although I’m pretty sure it was equally as disturbing.)  And yes, we know Fatty isn’t fat.  That’s why it’s funny.  (Please don’t send me hate mail.  We were all stupid when we were younger.)

These two girls were my best friends from middle school to high school and we’re still friends now.  We’ve been though so much together, and I love them to the death.  This is the three of us in LA and that’s me in the middle with a spray tan.

Crabby, Miss Sword, Fatty

College: STD’s

Clearly this name gets us a lot of attention and not the good kind.  But it doesn’t mean what you think it means.  It was actually a group of girlfriends that I met through my campus ministry.  See, Christians can have fun too!  STD is merely an acronym for “Stomach Touching Damsels,” because we all used to touch tummies like Karen and Jack on the hit show, Will and Grace.  Does anyone remember that episode??

While we never touch tummies anymore (thankfully), we still use the STD name quite often when referring to the group.  So much so that when I was emailing H Bomb about my Save the Dates for the wedding she thought I was referring to our group of friends.  Oops.

In a large group of girlfriends (I doubt men do this!), it’s always easier to have a group name instead of saying everyone’s individual name each time you are referring to the same group of people.

And it doesn’t seem weird to us anymore, I swear!  The STD’s were such an important part of my early 20’s (that sounds weird), and the friendships I made in college helped shape the woman I am today. AWW.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of STD’s and it’s proving too difficult to find a semi-recent, good quality (not embarrassing) photo.  So instead I leave with you with me and H Bomb.  She’s one of my besties and you’ll see her face around Weddingbee in the future as she’s also one of my honor attendants in the wedding!

Post-College: Sister Wives

I (we) named us after the TLC show Sister Wives because we used to get together to watch every episode as sort of a weekly Sunday night treat.  I know what you’re thinking, polygamy!?!  Again, I can explain!

The concept of women helping each other care for each other’s families and be supportive fans of each other’s lives is the concept that I enjoy from that show. Thus, Sister Wives is a pretty decent name for a group of friends that care about and support each other.  And NO, none of us share men.  That would be weird.  It’s just a funny name!  (Note: Please see my paragraph on respecting the Amish before saying anything bad about the Fundamentalist Mormons.)

It’s hard to get all of us in one photo, but here are most of S Wives in two photos!  These girls and I have navigated this city together for many holidays, birthdays, girls nights, engagements, and four weddings by the time March rolls around! It’s been a blast.

At church

Out in Chicago

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

So, there ya have it.  A  few of my secrets.  Does anyone else walk with an attitude, have a love of the Amish, or weird nicknames with their friends?  Do share!


Wedding snooping at our venue

Our first trip up to Minnesota to see our venue was the same weekend a childhood friend of mine was getting married.  We were really excited to be able to attend her special day while getting a lot of wedding planning done ourselves.

We had some time to kill after the ceremony before heading to their social hour/reception so we decided to run back to our venue to check out a wedding that was being set up for a reception at the hotel that night.  If you’ll remember when we first visited our wedding site I didn’t post any pictures of the banquet hall where the reception would be taking place.  And I didn’t show any decent photos of the atrium.  Well, that’s because the day before there was a business conference thingy taking place and they were blocking a lot of great photo opps, so it was great to go back the following day and get a few more pics!

So it might look a little something like this (minus the draping).

The high top tables will be located around the dance floor for cocktail hour.  Notice the special lighting in the background!

This is a cute idea for displaying escort cards!  Perhaps I’ll borrow it!

Mom Sword encouraged us to go back to the atrium to get a second look at where we will get married.

Can you picture us like this (only with a white dress and a kilt)?

All in all it was a great second visit!!  We do have one decision that couldn’t be resolved though.  To cover the chair or not to cover it?

I know I know, the chairs they provide are pretty ugly!  But Coordinator A says that people don’t really notice when you don’t have chair covers but only notice when you do have them.  Mom Sword and Mr. Sword are voting “no” right now because they think the money can be put to better uses (read an expensive handmade kilt, a band, the honeymoon, booze, etc).  I’m the one voting “yes” but I’m not sure if it’s because I think I need chair covers because of the Wedding Industry Complex or because they would make the entire room look better.

Poll: Should we splurge on chair covers for our reception?

A) Yes, you only get married once, they’ll really help make the room look fantastic!

B) Not necessary!  Save your money, put it towards something else, no one will notice.

Is anyone else skipping the chair covers? Isn’t it fun to attend a wedding when you’re in the midst of planning?  🙂

Manicures for my ladies

It’s time to talk about bridal party!  After we got engaged Mr. Scottish and I sat down to see who we wanted to have stand up with us at our wedding.  The thing is we weren’t quite sure how many of his friends would up for making the long flight over to the US, so we decided he should go first.  Well, when we were back in Scotland he asked three of his best guy friends to be his Best Man and groomsmen, and then we knew he was going to ask my little bro as well so that would make a total of four.  Four was my number.

Luckily, I’ve known my sister would be my MOH from the day she was born.  She is one and a half years younger than me and man is she annoying!  I wish I was joking but no, shes’ my sister therefore she’s annoying.  But she’s also one my favorite people in the whole wide world and she knows better than anyone (note, that is why she finds me annoying too).  She and I have bickered our way through years of school, friends, struggles, and joys.  We SHARE everything.  (GROSS ALERT, skip to the next paragraph if you are a guy!)  The only thing I got to do first was graduating from high school and starting my period.  TMI?  I thought so.

We got our ears pierced at the same time, my parents helped us buy cars the same summer, and we were invited to the same birthday parties.  We shared every family friend that was a girl in our age range, because for some reason no one else had two daughters close in age, and that meant we spent A LOT of time together.  We are really different people.  I am the center-of-attention hogging oldest child with a need to protect and care for everyone around me.  She is the unloved and moody middle child who loves to nurture and nest, but works uber-hard at everything she does.  Sister Big Eyes is a teacher like my Mom and an amazing one at that.  She’s getting her master’s degree right now (which is stressful enough by itself), raising my nephew-pup, and maintaining a serious relationship, how does she do it!?!?!  I call her Big Eyes because, well, her eyes are HUGE, and even more so when next to my squinty eyes.  My sister and I have different noses, different mouths, different hair colors, and most people can’t tell that we’re sisters at all.  But on the phone we sound exactly the same.  My sister is a strong, smart woman with a huge heart and even writing this I’m starting to tear up because I CANNOT wait for her to stand up next to me and be my MOH.  Also, she’ll probably be singing at the wedding, she is a sister of many talents!

Photo montage ahead: Look for the Big Eyes.  🙂

BFF L Dawg and I met our senior year of high school.  I was feeling lonely because my two closest friends had recently gotten boyfriends and were ditching me a lot to hang out with them, and while BFF L Dawg was in a relationship at the time, after she met me we become inseparable.   We had a science course together and for some reason I was absent one day and she had sat on my stool and apparently did an impersonation of me while I was gone.  The next day she told me all about it, laughing at her own impersonation and hoping I wasn’t mad.  Me, mad?  I totally loved her sense of humor and after that day we started hanging out all the time, and soon after became really close friends, only for me to leave for the University of Illinois that following fall.

BFF and I have had our low points, and the interesting thing is we’ve spent 9 out of our 10 year friendship in a LDR or long distance relationship (that was for my mother, she’d never have known what that meant!).  I can still tell her anything without her judging me, and I look forward to every visit with her.  She knows all my secrets, good and bad, she holds me accountable for things, and is a tiny bit over-protective, as all good BFF’s should be!  L Dawg is not only a great friend but she is also a wonderful person.  In her spare time she volunteers, fosters dogs, landscapes her own home (which she bought in 2009, same year as me), and gets invited to most of our family gatherings.  That is why she will be standing up next to me on the big day.

Photo montage ahead:  Yes, I have brown hair in the first two, those were taken after I dyed my hair for a show I was in!

Since these two ladies live in Minnesota and I was going to be in Minnesota to stalk my venue, I thought I would do something fun to ask them to be in my bridal party.  That is how we came to get manicures that Friday evening after our appointment with Coordinator A.  It was a blast (although the manicure was nothing like the manicures I get here in Chicago– said precisely in the condescending tone that was implied), and I’m so happy they both said YES!!

BM L Dawg on the left and MOH Big Eyes on the right.

So, if you’re keeping track, that is only two girls so far, but you’ll have to wait to hear about the other two on a later post!  I’d like to point out though, that my bridal party is going to be all family (L Dawg being pseudo-family).  I have some of the most AMAZING girlfriends on the planet.  The problem is I have too many of them and there was no way I was going to entertain the thought of having a 14 person bridal party, no way, no how! So I’m going to find other ways to recognize some of them, but for the record, I know so many fabulous women and they all mean the world to me.  I don’t know where I’d be without ALL of them!!  🙂

(All photos personal)

Next up, Murder Mystery dinner with the family!