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Consummating Without Libations, Whaaa?

(Here goes a really awkward and embarrassing post.  Especially as I have lots of family who read this blog.  Please continue to read my entries after today, I beg.  Thank you.)

I want to talk about the wedding night.  The ooo la la, after the party ends, sexy post-reception time of the night…

I know this subject can be a bit taboo, especially on public websites, but when we plan our wedding day we tend to think about all the parts of it, even the late night parts.

And my disclaimer is this: Everyone’s situation is different and completely unique to them, but at the top of this blog post it says by Miss Sword, so remember these are my thoughts on the subject and my thoughts only.  Let’s dive in, shall we?

While I consider myself to be sexually liberal, when it comes to my wedding night I consider myself to be quite old-fashioned.  I believe that it’s important to consummate your marriage, and that’s exactly what we Swords plan on doing.  (Yes, we’ve talked about it.)

At the same time I understand that for some couples, wedding night sex just isn’t a priority whether it be because of exhaustion from a long day of hosting, familiarity/years together, or getting a little bit too drunk and passing out before anything can happen.  I’m sure it’s different for every couple!

For me, it’s not only about sex, it’s about intimacy.  It’s the only first night of marriage we’ll have, and as a true romantic, I can’t help but think it will be an extra special night.

Plus, I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited to dance and party with all of my awesome guests as well as my awesome soon-to-be-husband so I imagine the amount of quality time Mr. Sword and I will get together during the reception will be pretty limited.  I look forward to being alone and relishing in the last few moments of our wedding day together.

But what about my wacky post title??  Here goes the most embarrassing thing I will put on the internet probably ever.  One can only hope.

When we were in MN over my holiday break I was out to dinner with BM L Dawg and this conversation really happened.  I swear.

(Wedding chatter that somehow led to this topic)

L Dawg: Are you going to drink on your wedding night?
Miss Sword: Well yea, probably.
L Dawg: Are you sure?
Miss Sword: Why?  I’ll just have like one or two drinks.
L Dawg: Do you really want to spend your wedding night in the bathroom?

BAHAHAHA.  The funniest part is that she’s not implying I’ll be in the bathroom throwing up due to excessive drinking, but because I’ll have to go, go, go… number 2.  That’s right.  Alcohol makes me have to poop.  Like right away.  Like a couple of hours or so after I start drinking.  Like I can’t sleep because I have to get up every hour to go to the bathroom to either pee or poo.  Needless to say, that doesn’t scream sexy times to me or Mr. Sword for that matter!

And yes, I realize everyone needs to get rid of the toxins in their body post drinking, but I’m talking about one or two girly cocktails, not a night of beer and shots!  Clearly something is wrong with me.  Blame it on years of vomit related anxiety from drinking, a quick digestive system, a nervous tummy, or a slight allergy, but that’s the icky truth.

Mainly, I just want to feel good about myself and I want to wear my wedding night lingerie without feeling bloated or sick.  For me, having some uninterrupted private time with Mr. Sword is much more important than getting tipsy.  Trust me when I say I’m equally IF NOT MORE fun without booze.  Remember my post on drinking?  It’s just how I was raised.  And while I want everyone else to have fun and get totally hammered if they so choose, I want Mr. Sword and I to remember our Big Day and enjoy it without any fuzziness.  (Luckily for Mr. Sword, his tolerance is pretty high.)

Of course I will definitely pose with our signature drinks and have some champagne during the toasts but I’m pretty much set on staying hydrated with water and having the time of my life sans alcohol.

And I look forward to being one of the most loud, obnoxious, and hilarious people at our wedding.  Look for me, I’ll be the one hanging on Mr. Sword, drinking diet coke, and flashing my cleavage at all my girlfriends.  Mom Sword will be so proud.

How important is wedding night nookie to you?  Does anyone else plan on not drinking at their own wedding but still having a rockin’ good time?  Tell me I’m not alone!