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Best RSVP Decline EVER

It started off like any other trip to the PO Box.  Since Mr. Sword has been traveling for work every week, I’ve been doing all of the heavy lifting and car loading and unloading of wedding related packages.  That said, it’s hard to complain about receiving lots of  great packages and letters, and on this particular day I had SIX boxes to bring into the apartment and a handful of letters.  Immediately after unloading I wanted to begin opening the packages (obvs) but something caught my eye in the stack of mail, it was a letter from the UK.

Now it’s not unusual for us to receive mail or cards from the UK (hello Scottish fiance) so at first I set it aside, eager to open everything else.  But something made me do a double-take.  This letter was special.  It looked different, regal, important.  My heart began pounding and a scream left my mouth, “WILLIAM AND KATE SENT US A LETTER!  OHHH MYYY GOSH OHMIGOSH!  AHHHH!!!!”

Wedding stuff and Museum Jan. 2013 020

True story.

Unfortunately the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have other obligations to tend to the weekend of our wedding but I’m so touched they were kind enough to respond.  The letter is signed by someone named Claudia Holloway and it’s absolute perfection. What if we all talked like this when we couldn’t go to someone’s wedding?  How cool would that be?!?

I like how they don’t pretend to write it themselves.  Prince William and Princess Kate have better things to do but they cared enough to have someone respond.  Heck, they beat the Obamas!  Still waiting on that reply Mr. President…

The best part has to be the fact that they make it look like they were actually considering attending our special event!  I’m also shocked with how timely their response was given.  Royals.  They got class.

Without further adieu, here is the envelope and letter.  I will also leave the transcript below in case you can’t read it clearly through the photographs.

W and K letter edited

contents of letter edited TWO


Dear Mr. Sword and Miss Sword,

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have asked me to thank you for your recent invitation to your wedding on XX March.

The Duke and The Duchess were extremely grateful for your kind invitation.  Having given careful consideration to the possibilities, however, I very much regret that Their Royal Highnesses reluctantly feel they have to decline.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge send you their best wishes, and very much regret having to send you this necessarily disappointing reply.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Claudia Holloway



(all photos personal)

If you want to know where I sent our invitation see this post.  If you’re wondering whether or not I will end up framing this, the answer is “why the heck not??”  So tell me, who wants to send an invite to Prince William and Princess Kate now?  🙂

Why I will not be having a monogram at our wedding

“Why can’t we have a monogram at our wedding?” I asked this question out loud on the couch more to myself than to Mr. Sword but he immediately chimed in with, ” For one, you don’t know how to make one.”  BAHAHAHA.  This, unfortunately, is quite true.  I have no freakin’ clue how to design or make a monogram on a computer.  I’m sure you need some sort of special design program (and some design skills), but I’m pretty sure my first step would be to go to Microsoft Word, make the font really big, change the color, and then stare at the screen wondering why they don’t make an overlap key.  Mr. Sword knows me well, and I’m not opposed to asking him for help (hello, he works as a software engineer, he could figure something out), but there’s the other problem.

Most monograms at weddings include the first letter of the groom’s name, the first letter of the bride’s name, and the first letter of the couple’s new last name (usually this is the groom’s).  Monograms don’t have to be only initials but frankly, it’s the most common version I’ve seen and that is what I was thinking about when I posed my question.

The thing is, Mr. Sword’s first name starts with a vowel.   And while some first names starting with vowels look nice, A, and E for examples, his name starts with an “I” and well, that’s just confusing!  People mistake it for a lowercase “L” all the time and imagine it in a monogram!  People might think it’s just a line of decoration instead of an actual letter.  Plus, adding a vowel can turn your monogram into a real word and that word could be weird or inappropriate.  Such is not the case with ours, but our letters CAN make a word and that defeats the purpose if people look at your monogram and read a word instead of your lovely names.

Mrs. Hawk’s monogram rocks!

The good news is I think our first names written out, in lowercase letters, are adorable together and I’m thinking of putting them on our Welcome Bags along with the date of the wedding for all of our OOTG.

Does anyone else have a partner with an “I” as the first letter of their name?  Anyone else not doing a monogram for a silly reason?