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BIG NEWS PEOPLE, I mean it, this is EXCITING

A long time few months ago I started writing a personal blog called Drama Happens.  But then I got engaged and instantly I knew I wanted to document my wedding journey on my blog.  But my readers at Drama Happens didn’t want to read an all-bridal focused blog.  Thus, Journey to “I Do” was born.  (Isn’t she pretty?)

Have I mentioned that one of my dreams was to become a Weddingbee Blogger?  That ever since I discovered Weddingbee I’ve been waiting for the moment I could apply?  That I’ve been dying to share my wedding story with all of the lovely ladies of the Hive?  (See, I have lots of dreams and some of them do come true… and some are still waiting in the wings.)  Well family and friends, I’ve been blessed to have yet another dream has come true!  My application to become a Weddingbee blogger has been accepted and I am currently in the process of joining the Hive. If you don’t know the gloriousness that is Weddingbee, please check it out now!  And look for me soon!

My icon will be a Sword and from now on I’ll be referring to myself as Miss Sword, and Mr. Scottish will now be known as Mr. Sword.  He’s pretty pumped about the name considering some of the options in this generation of icons included unicorns and fairies.  🙂

Don’t worry, the blog isn’t changing all that much!  It’s just that my story will be able to reach even more people, and I’ll be able to receive advice and encouragement from fellow brides.  I’m super pumped to have been selected since they receive tons of applications and only about 5% of those people move on to become bees.

Anyway, thank you everyone for reading!  I hope you’ll continue on the journey with me!

Note: The next post will be my first post for Weddingbee, so don’t be confused when I start by introducing myself!  🙂


Kilt Woes from an American Bride

Soooo, our first big wedding-related fight discussion occurred about a month after we got engaged.  It was a discussion concerning the topic of kilts, which is traditionally formal wedding dress for a Scottish man.  Since Mr. Sword didn’t already own a kilt, we had to decide between renting a standard tartan, such as the Black Watch, or we could design our own…

image via Wikipedia

One of us thinks it’s too expensive to design a custom-made kilt and get it legally registered in Mr. Sword’s last name. The other person thinks it’s worth the money for a lifetime of family memories.

Can you guess who is on what side? My logical, realistic, super smart Scottish fiancé believes we should NOT go the custom route simply because we cannot afford it. He says it’s something we can do in three years time. My opinion is this, when is there ever an extra 1500 dollars lying around to spend on a specially made tartan fabric and all the accoutrement that go with it (and trust me there’s a lot of things, including but not limited to a man purse and a knife type thing).  There is always something expensive to buy no matter what the stage in life, ie. car, house, babies, etc, so why not now? Why not have the beautiful memories captured on film of this one-of-kind kilt for generations and generations to come?  This isn’t for us, this is for our kids who are going to grow up learning about both America and Scotland, and this is for Mr. Sword’s Mum and Dad, for his wee sister and her future family, for my family, for everyone!!

I close my eyes and I can picture my future with Mr. Sword and I can see our adorable (albeit pale) children and I get tears in my eyes.  While I know it’s a bit soon to start talking about kids, I can’t think of a better way to start  our new life together than with my future husband wearing a kilt representing his Scottish last name (and my new last name!).  Of course a custom-made tartan fabric is not the most budget friendly item, especially when most grooms spend a lot less on a suit or a tux rental.  But I would be so proud to have his family name attached to his wedding garb.

photo by Pink Sugar Photography/ via Edmonton Wedding Photographers

So we were stuck, at a crossroads.  And soon Mr. Sword was heading back to Scotland to renew his visa.  I was going to visit him for a week while he was there and I thought it would be a perfect time to discuss the kilt options again!

I knew just how serious I had become when I started begging Mr. Sword to rearrange some of the money in our budget.  I suggested we nix a videographer and also take money from my dress budget (yikes). It was that important to me!

Is anyone else trying to incorporate some part of their partner’s culture into the wedding clothing?  Who or what (if any) is your obstacle?