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Charts and Graphs by Mr. Sword

Since Mr. Sword is too scared busy to write a guest post, I am sharing this post on his behalf, but all of the information gathering and graph making done in preparation for said blog post is courtesy of the ever-cute, ever-Scottish, and ever-skinny Mr. Sword.

Mr Sword edited

Awww! Isn’t he adorable in his kilt jacket?

I know everyone loves to see a good breakdown of the guest list and how many people are attending or not attending, and I’m no different.  Except instead of just breaking it down by family and friends of the bride or the groom, I think, especially in our case, it’s equally if not more interesting to look at the breakdown by in state, out of state, and out of country.

Our total number of attendees is officially 122 people not including Mr. and Miss Sword.  We had invited 187 (yes that number went up by one from my last post) guests but this includes children, partners, and plus ones.  Like I said before when I talked about the beauty of online RSVP’ing, sometimes it makes more sense to look at households or invitations that were sent out instead of counting each person.

For the sake of these charts and graphs, we will be counting and including each individual person.  It makes the most sense because, for example, a family of five might only have two people attending so we wouldn’t know whether they counted as a yes or a no.

For future reference: in state = Minnesota, out of state = any state other than Minnesota, out of country = mostly Scotland with one invite going to Canada, one going to England, and one to New Zealand.

Wedding color motif per request of Miss Sword.  🙂

Attending by Location 2

Guests By Location 2

Something I noticed right away was that we actually have more people attending from out of state than in state, but we also invited more out of state folks.  And something that is not clear from this chart is that we only have one family not attending who live in Minnesota, the other three not attending are plus ones that aren’t being used.

Now, for the breakdown of who invited who.  I was hesitant to post these charts because my number is significantly higher than his, but that is mostly because we are getting married in my home country and because Mr. Sword’s family is rather small.

Even though quite a few people from Scotland had to decline, I’m still eternally humbled and happy that Mr. Sword has such great family and friends who are willing to make the long and expensive trip to be with us on our wedding day.  Words cannot express my thankfulness.  This wedding will truly be a mix of BOTH of our favorite people.  We are blessed.

Guests Invited by Total 2

Guests Invited by Attending 2

The most interesting thing to me about these charts is the fact that Mr. Sword does not use a period when he writes Mr. Sword (like I do and just did, twice).  It’s a simple difference based on whether or not you’re using American or British usage, but it’s funny the things you learn about the person you love after years of being together.

I feel bad closing this blog post without a few words from Mr. Sword so I’ve taken the liberty to write out what I’m guessing he would have wanted to share with all of you.

Cheers* mate!  It’s baltic outside right now!  I’m well chuffed to be guest blogging today for my lovely fiancée Miss Sword.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the charts and graphs I was forced asked to make.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty knackered from all my traveling and I have to fill up my car with petrol and load the boot.  Thanks for having me on Weddingbee, Aye!  xx

Translation:  (And yes I know I put in some random crap he would never say on here but it makes me laugh.)

Hey friend!  It’s freezing outside right now!  I’m very happy to be guest blogging today for my sexy fiancée Miss Sword.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the charts and graphs I was begged asked to make (because she had no clue how to make them).  Unfortunately, I’m really tired from all of my traveling and I have to fill up the car with gas and load the trunk.  Thanks for having me on Weddingbee, yea!  hugshugs

(all photos personal and created by Mr. Sword)

*Before someone from the UK corrects me, yes I know the word “cheers” is normally used as a goodbye or a thank you but I looked it up, it can be a greeting or a hello as well!

Did you or will you have a higher percentage of in state guests attend your wedding vs out of state or out of country guests?  Are you pumped for having all of your favorite people in one room like we are?  Didn’t Mr. Sword write a sweet blog post?  🙂

On being a wedding guest

This past weekend I was at the wedding of a college friend of mine from U of I. They got married at a vineyard in Virginia and even though the weather was being a bit temperamental, the wedding was lovely and a real definition of love.  For those of you going with an autumn, rustic or winery themed wedding, take note!

the outdoor ceremony option

Mr. Sword in the reception space

the adorable sweetheart table

During our visit to the DC area and before my friend’s wedding, Mr. Sword and I were lucky enough to visit and stay with one of my high school girlfriends.  We met up with her for dinner and got to explore the city she calls home (for the time being anyway, her hubby is military).  Even though I was flying to Virginia for a wedding, it felt silly not to stop in and say hi to my friend when I was so close!  Not only did we get to catch up but she also did my hair and makeup before we left for the wedding, what an awesome friend.

Getting pretty

And we weren’t the only people making the most of our flights to the east coast, I would say at least 5 other friends (or more) were visiting other friends or in some cases, family, while they were in town for the wedding, which got me thinking.

Weddings have become such different beasts over the years.  Now more than ever, couples strive to make their celebrations as personal as possible, and there seems to be no limit on ideas.  If you can dream it, you can make it happen!  Locations are virtually endless with the ease of travel these days and with the added perk of seeing other people you know, destination-type weddings make great excuses for mini-vacations.  🙂

Once upon a time (back in the day) people used to go to college in their home state, buy houses near their parents, and marry in the town where they were born. Now this still happens of course, but not quite as often.  People are also getting married later in life after living away from home for years, after having established many different friend groups, after they’ve held “real” jobs and maybe even after they’ve been abroad.  Because of all this, people end up having friends splattered all across the country and lots of out-of-town guests by the time they get hitched.

I know for a fact that many people are going to use our wedding a way to either explore the US or visit family and friends and I’m more than OK with that!

Wee sis and her fiancé B will be hitting up New York before our wedding, and another groomsmen has plans to see Vancouver before making his way to Minnesota. I’ve heard plans of a few Chicago guests who are visiting Minnesota folks either before or after our big event, and my in-laws plan to take a mini-trip to Duluth for a few days following the wedding before flying back to Scotland.  We have about 75% of our guests* coming from outside of Minnesota so I will be humbly and eternally grateful to those who make the trip and I encourage all of our traveling guests to make the most of their visit up North!  🙂

I love attending my friend’s weddings, no matter where they are located.  It’s always worth the trip. 🙂

Happy Swords!

(all photos personal and used with permission)

How many weddings would you say you’ve gone to that are out-of-state or out-of-country in the last few years?  Do you think weddings have changed much over the last few decades?

*For those of you who like numbers (I don’t, this is all courtesy of Mr. Sword), this is our guest break down pre-invitations going out:

image courtesy of Mr. Sword

Save the Date reveal!

Fresh out of the box and blissfully unaware of the typo!

My FAVORITE part of our STD is the little airplane and the whimsical writing of the “save the date” part. We specifically chose to say “Join us for the weekend,” because  we want to encourage everyone who’s not from Minnesota to use our wedding as an excuse to enjoy a short trip up North.  The reasoning behind this comes down to two major factors, 1) unpredictable MN March weather = flying or driving in and out same day is not going to be possible, and 2) we want to spend as much time with everyone as possible!

My family is driving in from North Dakota, Mr. Sword’s family is flying in from Scotland, and many of our wonderful friends will be flying in from Chicago or the east coast.  This is why we are hosting an OOTG rehearsal dinner so we can feed everyone twice and allow our two cultures to enjoy each other as much as possible.  Mr. Sword and I also plan to join everyone for brunch at the hotel the morning after the wedding, which will be free, since breakfast is included in the price of a hotel room.  I know some folks might not understand our logic, arguing that the day after our wedding is all about US, but Mr. Sword and I value the relationships in our life and we want to make everyone feel as special as we do.

When we leave three weeks later on our ‘moon you can bet we are going to be selfish then, focus only on each other, and enjoy reminiscing about the one hell of a party we hosted for our wedding.

It took FOREVER to pick the right photo for our STD, but since we’ve received lots of compliments on it I’m thinking we made the right decision!  Hope you like them as much as we do!  Sorry for the extra large photo but I figured they’d be easier to see this way.

(all photos personal)

We were thrilled with the final product of our save the date despite the stupid typo… how did you feel about yours?  Are you glad you took the time to send them out?  Anyone else expecting lots of out-of-state and out-of-country guests?