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A Highland Fairy Tale: We Risk Hypothermia Posing All Together

Pardon my bragging, but after putting everyone together, somehow our bridal party looked even sharper!  It was pretty amazing to see my vision come together and to have it validated through photos.  Our Highland Fairy Tale was alive and kicking and I can tell because these pictures exude beauty, drama, and warmth even though we were all freezing in reality.

Coffield Wedding 0294

Coffield Wedding 0296

To digress for a moment, I have to say one of the hardest parts of wedding planning is choosing a bridal party.  It’s so entirely different from choosing a Save the Date design or a unique guestbook.  It’s wrought with emotion and entitlement, and can often cause a lot of stress.  We were lucky because, after a lot of thinking, we chose to surround ourselves with only family and the closest of friends.

Unfortunately, I had a few hiccups early on and I can see why people choose to avoid the bridal party altogether!  That was never an option for us, and I’m so happy that these are the faces of our wedding.  (Note my two amazing honor attendants are in these next pics, one at each end!)

Coffield Wedding 0299

Coffield Wedding 0304

After relocating to the parking garage… I love that my “outdoor” pics are under a bridge and in a parking garage, haha… it was time to get a photo with each of my lovely girls (Mr. Sword had one taken with each of his guys, but we never received them for some reason, grrr.)

Sister/MOH Big Eyes and I had a quick photo session of just the two of us pretending to love each other and then hate each other, as it is with sisters.  Do we finally look alike?  🙂

Coffield Wedding 0337

We HAD to get a fake “we wanna kill each other” shot.

Coffield Wedding 0339

Coffield Wedding 0343

And back to love.

Coffield Wedding 0345

What follows are my favorite pics with each of my girls.  My recommendation?  Remember to take these individual ones because these are the ones you (and they too) are likely to frame.  It’s a great time for hugs and one-on-one time as well!

BM L Dawg

BM L Dawg



BM Wee Sis

BM Wee Sis

Honor Attendant C Fri

Honor Attendant C Fri

Honor Attendant H

Honor Attendant H

I also wanted to get a photo of the me with the best man and Mr. Sword with the MOH.  Such sweet shots!  And these two totally rocked their posts, going above and beyond.

Coffield Wedding 0350

Coffield Wedding 0389

We also snuck in a few more couple portraits in the garage for good measure.

Coffield Wedding 0320

Coffield Wedding 0327

Coffield Wedding 0329

But after that we had to get one last sword photo as a group!  YES!

These folks are truly some of the best people we know and through their kindness, support, and laughter they made our wedding day insanely amazing.  We love you guys!

Coffield Wedding 0405

All photos by Crystal Liepa Photography.

Did your vision for your bridal party come true? Did anyone else stress over their bridal party at first?  Would you take photos in a parking garage (yay for urban settings)?

Next up, we go back indoors, FINALLY!

Sword Wedding footer FINAL.jpg

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