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Wedding Bands on a Budget

A few weekends ago Mr. Sword and I ventured out to take a look at wedding bands.  We started at the place he purchased my engagement ring, Wedding Band Co, located on Jewelers Row in downtown Chicago.

To recap, my engagement ring is a princess cut center stone with channel set princess diamonds on either side.  Because, DUH, I’m a princess and Mr. Sword is no fool!  🙂

My first thought was to go with a band that was thick and geometric to match the look of my engagement ring.  Something a lot like this:

image via World Jewels

But besides the high sticker price for that many princess cut diamonds, when I tried on bands of a larger width that had matching princess cut channel diamonds, I found I didn’t like them very much at all!  They were almost too similar and too typical.  I have always been drawn to popular trends but also to the slightly different or unique trends, and found I was no different when shopping for wedding bands.  So I started trying on atypical matches to my E ring, and I ended up falling in love with a very dainty, petite band covered in tiny round diamonds.

I know it’s sounds like it won’t match at all, but the round diamonds are so tiny that the band just looks sparkly and beautiful all the way around.  Unfortunately for Wedding Band Co, their version of this ring was over-priced in our opinion.  I know eternity bands can be expensive, and I know that quality varies from store to store, but I couldn’t justify spending that much on such a tiny band!  Mr. Sword was also adamant that we stay under budget and this ring was almost double!  So we moved on.

We decided to check out a Rogers and Hollands in Water Tower Place and found the same exact ring for a fraction of the price!  Knowing that Mr. Sword never makes a quick purchase, we went home empty-handed that day to let things settle, and so I could make sure I was still in love with my petite band before we did anything rash.  I’m happy to report I was truly smitten, and we went back one week later to buy the less expensive ring from Rogers and Hollands!  While I love that my engagement ring is such a quality stone and while it would have been ideal to have all of our rings cleaned and under warranty at the same store, it just wasn’t meant to be.  I’m so relieved we decided to shop around because we both think my wedding band is gorgeous and Mr. Sword is thrilled that we came in UNDER budget!

How do you think it matches up next to my engagement ring?

Both our jeweler from Wedding Band Co and the lady from Rogers and Hollands thought that another petite sparkly band would look just lovely on the other side of my ring and make a wonderful anniversary present.  Aren’t they smart??  🙂

As this post is already getting long, I’ll tell you the short version of how we picked Mr. Sword’s ring.  At first we looked at white gold, but Mr. Sword refused to spend that much money on himself.  Plus, he doesn’t even care  that much about jewelry.  So we decided on this masculine tungsten ring in white.  Done.

What do you think of our set, hive?  Anyone else shop around for their wedding band?


Two sisters + two weddings = ?

Well, since I spilled the beans in my last post I guess I might as well elaborate on something…  my little, baby, tiny, younger sister got engaged!!  OHMIGOSH EXCITING!!!  I guess she’s not so little anymore.   Suddenly we are planning two weddings for the following year and my Mom is more excited than anyone!  She’s not stressed, she’s looking at this as a blessing (as she looks at most things!).  My Sister is looking at early next summer sometime and that means there will be about three months between my wedding and her wedding.  WOW.  That makes me feel a wee bit overwhelmed.

Even though I knew it was coming and I was emailing with her fiancé ahead of time I did have a mini melt down moment later in the evening after initially hearing the news and joyfully screaming on the phone with her, looking at pictures of the ring, and asking about the proposal.  I’m seriously like 99% happy (well now I’m 100 percent happy but at the time I felt a few hiccups).  It’s hard for me to write about this, but I’m a pretty candid blogger, and this is honestly how I felt.  I guess it’s the older sibling/actress in me that wanted this year to be all about ME  for just once (yea I said it).  And then after realizing how selfish that was and realizing that it’s a good thing to share this year with her, I started to  worry about our capacity, now she’s a  Maid of Honor and a Bride, and I’m a Bride and then a Matron of Honor!!   How can we plan two weddings at the same time?  When I go back to Minnesota suddenly I’ve got to split my time doing my planning and her planning because I don’t want to feel left out of her stuff, in fact I want to be there helping every step of the way, but at the same time I don’t live in the city I’m getting married in so my time in Minnesota is precious to me.  There is a lot to be done and minimal time to do it!

And after I went through all of these emotions, I just got insanely and overly EXCITED.  I LOVE her ideas for her wedding and I’m becoming just as giddy about her details as I am about mine.  I GET TO PLAN TWO WEDDINGS AT THE SAME TIME, HELL YEA!

Remember when I wrote about asking my Sister to be my MOH?  Well I meant every word of that, and I am so ecstatic for her and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather share my year of planning with, we will not only make this work, but I’m certain it will be a magical year for us both.  It’s going to be a year filled with amazing memories and just think, we can celebrate our anniversaries together in years to come since we’re both getting married in 2013!

And as for that 1% of jealousy or frustration, well it melted away.  Every emotion I have reminds me how insane it is to be human and how amazing our brains are; and the best part is that my Sister knows me well enough to understand where I’m coming from, and has even experienced similar emotions along the way.  I believe sisters have this amazing, unique connection unlike any other relationship in the world.  I consider myself humbly blessed to have such a wonderful sister, and since I’m already tearing up just writing this I’m sure I’m going to be a mess at her wedding.  AND I LITERALLY CAN’T WAIT!!  I might start on my speech now…

Anyone else dealing with a shared engagement year with someone really close to you?  How did you handle it?

This is the story of how I thought I might get engaged one weekend and then it happened

personal photo

Mr. Sword was very VERY aware of the fact that I wanted to have my family nearby after the proposal . Back around Christmas there was a wee bit of drama (and by drama I mean tears) when I decided he missed the “perfect” opportunity, but all was resolved and I realized what a pyscho I was being so I vowed to back off and just let me him handle things.

When we found out that Mom and Dad Sword were visiting us in Chicago one weekend in February, I had inkling he would seize the opportunity. I know it sounds sort of weird to some, why wouldn’t I want to be alone with Mr. Sword for such a special moment? Well, why do I blog about my inner-most thoughts? Why do I like to be perform in front of people? Why do I share private details of my life with complete strangers? All of these are great questions. The answer is, I love people, and my good news is your good news and vice-versa. I just wanted to be able to hug my Mom after the proposal, and luckily I got to do just that!

So all day on Saturday after picking up my parents from the airport, I was going back and forth wondering if this would be the day. It ended up being the day we stood in line for over three hours to see the top of Willis Tower.  I heard later that Mr. Sword said to Dad Sword, “I’d like to marry your daughter,” while we were at the top overlooking the city skyline. My Dad, true to form answered with a low fist pump to show his excitement. Later that night, he passed the good news on to Mom Sword and her next step was to quiz Mr. Sword to make sure he was marrying me because he wanted to and not because I was forcing him into it like some wedding crazed-freak (thanks Mom!). He confirmed what I already knew and told her he wanted to marry me.  Then (while Dad Sword and I were working on my taxes) Mom Sword and Mr. Sword thought up the terrible  brilliant plan of Dad Sword pretending he wanted to see the top of Trump Tower the very next day after church.

So on our way to church the very next morning Dad Sword suggests this idea and Mom Sword agrees to it, solidifying my suspicions. I mean, I come from a whole line of strong women and matriarchal families, since when does Dad Sword get to dictate where we go next?  This is when I started to get nervous.

After church, Dad Sword and Mr. Sword go back to the apartment to find that *Gasp* the Trump Tower bar is closed due to it being off-season. He then discovers that most of his ideal proposal locations are closed for that same reason and starts to panic. Eventually, they tell Mom Sword that they will meet us at the John Hancock Building at 3 PM. Of course, it makes no sense for us to wait in more lines to go back to the top of yet another tall building to see yet another amazing view UNLESS it is so Mr. Sword can propose!!

Meanwhile, I’m shopping with Mom Sword and having to use the bathroom every 30 minutes to umm, you know, because I’m soooo nervous!  Finally, we meet up with them and take the elevator to the Signature Lounge (essentially the Wine and Cocktail bar) of the John Hancock Building. We find a table and order drinks. I hold his hand tightly and squeeze it multiple times to let him know everything will be OK.  I later hear that Mr. Sword gives my mom a look of “I can’t do this in front of so many people!!!”  Poor Mr. Sword is a very shy person, which makes our proposal even more lovely and memorable because he stepped out of his comfort zone just for me!

Suddenly Mom Sword blatantly discreetly takes my camera from me and heads over to the window to check out the view. I debate going to the bathroom or not before deciding to follow her to the window.

And then…. Mr. Sword comes up behind me, puts his hand on the small of my back and at that moment I entered into what I like to call “the haze of happiness.”  He tells me he loves me and that he wants to continue loving me for the rest of his life. He gets down on one knee, opens the ring box, and says, “Will you marry me?” (YEA!!!!!!!!)

Then I say weird things like, “Ohmigosh, I can’t believe it, and thank you!” All before saying “YES YES.” We hug and kiss, Mom Sword starts to get teary-eyed, and we take more pictures. My parents are literally beaming, poor Mr. Sword is shaking, and I’m dumb-founded by the fact that I’m not crying. Instead of tears, I’m simply floating in my happy haze attempting to process every amazing moment.

My man did a FANTASTIC job and just because I knew it was coming does not make it any less special. Life works out the way it’s supposed to and I wasn’t meant to get engaged at the top of Trump Tower. The John Hancock, on the other hand, is the place he took me for dinner the first time we celebrated my birthday together. It’s a place I go with my nanny kids all the time, and the Signature Lounge is one of my favorite spots in the whole city to take out-of-town guests for a fancy drink. And now, when I take someone up to the 96th floor, I can walk over to the window where I got engaged and relive the special moment all over again.

Post proposal!


Happy Sword parents!


Blurry ring bling photo


(all photos personal)

I know Miss Lyre had an idea about her proposal too, did anyone else see it coming?  For those criers out there, did you cry when your partner popped the question or did you have an odd moment of tear-less joy like me?