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A Highland Fairy Tale: We Check to See if the Guys Went “True Scottish” and I have to Pee

In Scotland, it’s understood that to be a True Scotsman you don’t wear any underwear with your kilt.  It was actually something Mr. Sword and I got asked A LOT over the course of wedding planning once people found out he’d be wearing one, and it was the butt of many a joke that weekend (har har har).  Most of the guys told us they would NOT be wearing any but hey, us girls still wanted to check for ourselves…

Coffield Wedding 0406

OK, so we didn’t lift their kilts high enough to gain any concrete proof (cause that’d be weird), but I did confirm that my husband was going commando in our alone time post ceremony, because well, he’s my husband, I had to know!  Also, do you remember my post about my wedding crush?  We stole borrowed this idea from them!

Coffield Wedding 0407

We also added our own little twist by switching it up and having the guys lift up our dresses!  Ooo-la-la!

Coffield Wedding 0408

After all group, couple, and other random pictures were completed, it was FINALLY time to separate and prepare for the ceremony.  Crystal and the second shooter headed off to the atrium, the men did whatever men do before a wedding (crack jokes and mingle?), and me and my girls headed to our getting ready room to relax and scarf down a few snacks.  Subway anyone?

personal photo

personal photo

personal photo

personal photo/MOH Big Eyes joins me

One of my friends on Facebook said I should get paid by Subway for this endorsement!  HA!

After stuffing my face I realized I desperately needed to go to the bathroom.  I have a tiny bladder and was shocked I’d made it to 3:30 PM before thinking about it!  Luckily this moment was also captured for your enjoyment.  Yes, that is TP I’m holding.  Yes, I have no shame.

personal photo

personal photo

That’s what BFF’s are for, amirite?

Next up, the ceremony begins!

All photos by Crystal Liepa Photography unless otherwise noted.

How did we do on re-creating the “True Scottish” photo?  Who helped you use the facilities on your wedding day?

Sword Wedding footer FINAL.jpg

Skipped some of the Sword saga?  It’s OK, catch up today!

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