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Something Borrowed… From a Bee!

Hive, I have been kicking ass and taking names on finishing off the details of my bridal look.  In the course of 8 days I bought my wedding jewelry, ordered my shoes on Etsy, purchased a new corset bra for under my dress, my hair extensions were purchased, AND I received my something borrowed veil in the mail.

Who’s veil am I going to be wearing?  I’ll give you a hint.  Not only is she a fellow fairy tale/magic generation bee but she’s also a fellow weapons related icon.  🙂  Why, yes, the lovely and gorgeous Mrs. Archer of course!

The veil I’m borrowing is her fingertip length diamond white beauty and I’m so honored to be able to wear something on my wedding day that will remind me of this wonderful community.

Since I’m huge tease and haven’t revealed my dress yet, here is a few photos of me wearing the veil with my tiara.  Let’s ignore the fact that I have no clue how to put on a veil, let alone a veil WITH a tiara.   (Seriously I had no idea what I was doing.)

Holiday painting with Kiddos '12 023

Holiday painting with Kiddos '12 031

Holiday painting with Kiddos '12 027

Holiday painting with Kiddos '12 041

Holiday painting with Kiddos '12 030

I just love the fullness of it and I’m dying to see how it looks with my gown.  How does one keep a tiara and a veil securely attached to their head without an up do?  Good thing I’ve got Laura!

(all photos personal)

What do you think of the veil with the tiara?  Would you borrow someone else’s veil?

Every princess needs one of these

We all know I have a tendency to talk about the more controversial topics of wedding planning here on the hive (because that stuff is as equally important as shoes, invites, and budgets), but today I want to talk about something that is sure to appeal to the masses.


I want to use this post to talk about something pertaining to the top of my bridal look:

My wedding tiara.  Is there a sweeter, softer phrase that was ever uttered?  🙂

Now, as I sit in a Starbucks wearing my purple rockstar jeans and blogging in one of the biggest hipster areas in all of Chicago, I have to laugh at myself. (haha)  I’m sitting here feeling relatively artistic and cool (you can judge me if you want), but at the same time thinking how wearing a tiara at my wedding seems a bit juvenile and dated.  Since I tend to be one big contradiction in all areas of my life I’m not really bothered if wearing a crown at my wedding is not considered hip, I’m just finding it comical.  I’ll be 29 when I wed, not 10!  But myself and my six-year-old flower girl will be wearing complimenting tiaras and we are going to look SO GOOD that it won’t matter.

While a tiara may not be as artsy as the birdcage or as fresh looking as a beautiful hair clip or headband, it seems like the perfect choice for our highland fairy tale wedding and my princess-themed bridal look.

My tiara was a gift from Auntie B back in June.  We found it the same week I was shopping for my wedding dress and it just seemed like fate!  Plus, we got a fantastic deal on it because the lady who owned the boutique was going out of business.

So I have my tiara, but that doesn’t mean I’m going veil-less.  In fact, I’d like to wear both the tiara and a veil on my wedding day but I’m a bit unsure of how to proceed.  For starters, I’d like to point out that I don’t plan on purchasing a veil because they seem to be one of the most over-priced pieces of all bridal garb.  Unfortunately, they also seem to be one of those wedding necessities in my mind.  MOH/Sister Big Eyes is DIYing a veil with her future mother-in-law and one of our original thoughts was that we could wear the same one.  But after thinking about it I decided if she was making the veil she should wear it first (I don’t want the responsibility of making sure nothing happens to it!), and then there’s the issue of her dress being white and mine being ivory, so eventually that idea was scrapped.

So what’s a princess bride to do?  Well, once she figures out what she wants she will be borrowing one (hopefully from a fellow bee).  Something borrowed?  CHECK.

What I do know is my ideal look.  I want a simple tulle veil, with no added lace or beading or crystals or pearls.  I think the tiara would be complimented best by a simpler veil.

What I don’t know is how long it should be!  I’m absolutely uninterested and uninspired about veil length to be honest.  The shoulder, elbow, and fingertip lengths are what I’m leaning towards but I’m not drawn to anything in particular.

So I’d love some help on this Hive, please vote for your favorite veil length based on the fact that you’ve seen my tiara (in all it’s beauty), and knowing that my gown is a fit-n-flare (named Evie) who I would describe as both sexy AND princess-like.  🙂

Poll:  Which veil length should Miss Sword go for?

A) A shorter veil would look best with the tiara!  Go with shoulder length.

B) Elbow length is ideal in my opinion, it hits at the right spot.

C)  Fingertip length will flow the best, longer looks more elegant.

D) I have no clue Miss Sword, you’re wearing a tiara and it’s weird, but I still like you.  🙂

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

Is anyone else sporting a tiara on their Big Day?  What are your thoughts on veils?  I’m also wondering where I should place my veil, directly behind the tiara or lower on my head like Mom Sword prefers?  🙂